World Of Warcraft Loses One Million Subscribers, Falls Below 10 Million

One million less people are playing World of Warcraft than last reported. The latest estimate of subscribers claimed by Activision Blizzard cites a number of 9.1 million — from financial results released today — down from the 10.2 million reported this past May.

This marks the first time that WoW's subscriber base has dipped below 10 million since January 2008. The recent subscriber peak for WoW was 12 million as of October 2010. Of course, the number may change once the Mists of Pandaria expansion comes out later this year. [Activision]


    I think it'll drop actually. It has a lot of subscribers from the D3 promotion, but a year after then I think it'll drop hugely.

    this games like the tortanic but delayed by over 9000 years, this game will never die! unlike diablo 3

    ^ You two have obviously never been around during the gap between expansions, this is normal, this happens every time, they're going to lose a lot of subs while people wait for MoP, no doubt they'll be back around 10mil after MoP launches.

      This isn't normal, normally people play less or don't log in but remain subscribed -- during vanilla/tbc there was sub growth every quarter, during wrath the numbers were flat, during cata the game has lost 2.9million subs.

      Really expect subs to rise to 9.6 million when MoP releases but unless MoP is amazing it'll be hard for the game to ever pass 10million again.

        Most of the people I know unsubscribe for the content gap that comes at the end of every expac.

        I've played the beta & what i've seen so far i'm liking it so much more than Cataclysm.

        people are are unsubbing now do to the fact that you can still play the game to lvl 80 with a few restrictions (you can still use any lvl 85 you have) as your account just goes to the free trail section.

        Having said that though cataclysm did fail compared to wrath and TBC due to a few points like the faction balance favoring one side questing experience more than other by a large margin, some pretty terrible story moments (ie Thrall, Aggra, Malfurion etc) and the entry level dungeons while good for guild groups were terrible for the LFG randoms

    It's inevitable that people will get bored of WOW... then Blizzard will (should?) release Word of Warcraft 2.0

      World of Warcraft 2.0?

      Isn't that what Cataclysm was?

        Pretty sure they alread have a new MMO in the works.

    I wonder how many people cancelled their sub to WOW due to their disgust in Blizzard over D3. I've just seen a few "I quit" threads in the D3 forums where people threatened exactly that. I was pretty disgusted with D3 and don't know if I'll get Heart of the Swarm any more. I just don't want to support Blizzard and the direction they are taking.

    GW2 can't be helping.

      is it wrong to hope that GW2 and torchlight both fail just so that it makes people shut the fuck out about the next __________ Killer. Now i dont want them fail because it can cause healthy competition if they are both great but im just sick and tired of ever new game that comes out be it an MMO or RPG or FPS that it will kill the current king of that genre.

    I'm in that number of lost subs, but i'll be resubbing come Mists of Pandaria, I wanted a break from World of Warcraft & had done everything I felt I wanted to do on my main character in the game and felt like it was wasted money before the next expansion, which is only just under 2 months away now.

    I raided fairly hardcore then went casual for awhile the reason I and a lot of other players quit.
    Was the game started to push towards the casual market they damaged 25man raiding by making it equal with 10mans they made gear identical other than stats for high end players and they really messed up the progression of difficulty for bosses. From a casual standpoint LFG queues were 30+mins for a horrible group, so once you hit max level your only option is to grind dailies or do pvp where you come up against organised Battleground teams.
    MOP doesn't seem like they will change this and they keep on giving one classes skills to another meaning the classes are no longer as unique. MOP just seems like are again targeting superficial stuff like pets to get casuals but not giving any reward for spending more time playing.

    i gave up after seeing Panda beta. i hope it keeps going down so blizzard get their shit together and make an expansion the players want , something that actually ties in to lore and dark like the WoLK/OL . This expansion is something one of the guys at blizzard wanted to do i dont think any of wow players ever wanted to see bloody pandas in wow

      Yes yes, in a game that Humans, Humans with long ears, humans with long ears and purple skin, short humans, even shorter humans, Green humans, Humans with tusks, Cow People, Dog People, Rat People, Bear People, Cat People and Hyena people, and religious spcce goats with octopuses on their faces, all of a sudden panda people is just way too out there. /boggle

        You remind me of this:
        But it is a very good point.

        This little nugget pops up in every thread where someone moans about dem horrible pandas.
        And I agree with it every time.

        Also, two kinds of frog-fish people, fish elves, childish wolverine people, gypsy space goats, dead people made of other dead people, boar people, walrus people. And about 5000 poop quests.
        But Pandas are the last straw! It's almost like players have made it to endgame with their eyes closed.

    Isnt this the normal decrese before an expansion then it ballons again? not that i care as i quit WoW, and steady off it for 8 months now.

    The way people here are talking about how they 'quit' WoW or they're 'off' WoW it's like it's some sort of dangerous narcotic! (Disclaimer: I've never played and Kung Fu Panda Expansion Pack isn't about to make me start!)

    I totally don't get MMOs although I guess it fills a niche - like how some TV viewers can watch the same soap opera for years on end

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