World Of Warcraft Movie Gets A New Writer, Not So Dead After All

It was only two weeks ago that the World of Warcraft movie, fresh off its big-time director leaving the project, looked set to join the scrapheap of failed video game adaptations.

Today? It sounds like there's some serious push behind the movie, because not only has a new writer been announced, but Activision boss Bobby Kotick has made the rare move of speaking publicly about the flick.

Kotick told Variety that if the movie is "important to Blizzard, it's important to me. They're very excited about having a 'World of Warcraft' film. They've been very careful and thoughtful about the development process."

The new writer, meanwhile, is Charles Leavitt, who has penned flicks like Blood Diamond, and whose take on the franchise has Legendary pictures excited.

'World of Warcraft' drafts new scribe [Variety]


    I wonder if the movie is going to be like:
    - collect 8 wolf skins but only 25% drop skins
    - collect my lunch, I left it art home. Now get me a drink from ironforge
    - kill 12 murlocs mrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrl

      Nah. Considering the difficulty they're having forming the group to make the movie I'm guessing it'll go more along the lines of wiping to the same basic trash pull three times then the group disbands. It has a three hour run time and the end credits are just a massive argument about who is to blame (spoiler, it was the party leader who insisted on a ridiculously high minimum gear score but showed up in welfare PvP gear with no idea how the encounters work).

      The movie will pretty much be 2 and a half hours of nothing but Panda bears jumping sharks on jet-skis.

    I wonder if anyone will put a subscription in this film? and a real money auction house

    I wonder if this article would get some actually funny comments on it.

    If I signed up for the annual pass can I get in for free?

    I'm guessing this will be a movie featuring four players waiting at the meeting stone for their fifth member of the party, a Gnome called Godot.

    With the amount of money World of Warcraft rakes in, getting a decent budget for the film shouldn't be a problem.

    Anyone else going to be really depressed if this movie is told from the human's point of view? I'd prefer almost any other race. (Undead/Trolls both have pretty amazing backstories and kickass leaders)

      It will be, Alleri. It was covered in a previous interview a couple years back. Hollywood thinks that humans are more relatable, blah blah blah Orcs will be generically evil.

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