World's Largest Gundam Box Is Pretty Damn Big

Look. At. That. Japan is getting a giant Gundam box. Previously, there was only concept art, but the actual thing was recently showed at the Chara Hobby figure event outside Tokyo. That wasn't the only thing on display.

Besides a Gundam Toyota, there was a slew of character figures and statues — Gundam and totally not Gundam. In the above gallery, have a look at the items on display. Note that some of the Gundam pieces were built by model makers and will not be for sale.

Sister site Kotaku Japan was also on hand. Check out more here and here.

Chara Hobby 2012 [] Chara Hobby 2012 - Gundam []

Top photo: Danny Choo/


    wait! isnt one of those a battlemaster from battletech?

      You mean the two Zaku? The reality is that Battletech/Mechwarrior is heavilly influenced by macross, gundam and other mecha series (hence the problem with the unseen and harmony gold).

    That battleship, where is that from? It's so familiar D:

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