Xbox Live Listing Hints At Digital Release For NBA Live 13

Xbox Live Listing Hints At Digital Release For NBA Live 13

A listing in the monthly Xbox Live Rewards roundup hints that NBA Live 13 will see a digital release when it arrives, supposedly in October.

“NBA Live 13-Digital” is the listing, first noticed by Pastapadre, among dozens of titles eligible for Xbox Live Rewards in the coming months. “NBA Live 13 – Digital – DLC” is the eligible content itself.

NBA Live 13 was not mentioned in Electronic Arts’ quarterly earnings call on Monday, raising speculation something might be wrong with the title. It has not been given a definite release date, which in this case would typically be set by the NBA. Competitor NBA 2K13 releases on October 2.

An EA Sports spokesperson told Kotaku that work continues on the title, which will be showcased in a hands-on experience sometime before the end of September. Later, the representative said “at this stage, yes”, the game is due for a release before the NBA season tips off on October 30.

NBA Live has been totally silent since a less-than-encouraging reveal at E3 disappointed hardcore community members. There has been no announcement yet of a cover star, which would seem to be unnecessary if this would be a digital-only release. However, EA Sports did go to the trouble of naming a cover star for its digital-only reboot of NFL Blitz back in January.

Kotaku has contacted EA Sports representatives for comment.

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