Yakuza 5 Is Like Inception. A Video Game Within A...Video Game.

It's not uncommon for video game companies to reference their own games in...their own games. But Yakuza 5, never one to turn down a tie-in, is something else: Yakuza 5 features another company's game.

Here, Namco's Taiko no Tatsujin appears in Sega's upcoming gangster opus. When you visit an arcade in Yakuza 5, you can play the Namco rhythm game.

Sure, Japanese game companies often loan characters to other franchises — whether that's Monster Hunter appearing in Metal Gear Solid or Sonic and Mario doing video games together.

However, this is one developer's game appearing in another developer's game. I'm sure there are previous examples of this — or examples in other examples.

http://www.inside-games.jp/article/2012/08/09/58831.html [インサイド]

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    Geometry Wars was in PGR3 back in the day

    day of the tentacle had the original inside it

    He better not be referring to inception in the wrong context , most people think inception is the dream within a dream concept but what inception really is is the planting of an idea in someone's brain

      When people say 'Inception' (capital 'i') they refer to the movie rather than the concept within the film, so it still makes sense.

    Playing SSX in The Sims.

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