Yesterday's Blizzard Hack Makes This Guy Almost Eat His Battle.Net Authenticator

I had to watch this about four times just to be completely sure that Internet video game rage comedian Francis did not, in fact, eat his Blizzard keychain authenticator during this rant about yesterday's breach of Battle.Net. Obviously, this video is loud and its language is NSFW.

He's fast. I don't think Francis actually chewed the authenticator off its keychain, but it looks like he did if you're not watching closely. Francis then gives it a few good poundings with a Hulk Smash fist, and proceeds to compare NASA's return on investment for the Mars Curiosity rover to Blizzard's inability to protect its customers with a billion-dollar funding stream. You can see the map of Skyrim billowing on the wall with the force of his tirade. Stand back!


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      Watch his other videos, Boogie is an incredibly intelligent and likable guy.

    when will there be a MoP hero in dota and LoL

      Not sure if troll.

      Dota has always had panda heroes.

    God damn, for a moment there it looked like he was going to blow a few blood vessels.

    I think this guys awesome

    he has a physical authenticator, he wasn't affected... well he's affected by um.. anyway. lol

    I play a panda in real life - h hahahahahahaha

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    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Greed. Not helping humanity since ..... ever

    I'll just put down the comments to drunkeness dude is a great comedian , trolls like a king

    I thought they were meant to be Jolly ???

    ppl need to keep everything in perspective. Like there's millions of people starving in the world. This compared to that? not that bad.

      Too off topic, two completely different issues that have alternate issue comparisons. If you actually sat back and said let's worry purely about the straving world thats okay, but then these companies wouldn't be game developers they would be charities. Thus ending the product cycle and issue.

        No, its about perspective. Sure be mad, be a bit angry, the situation sucks. But lets keep everything in perspective. people starving is an extreme example, yet its just an example to highlight my point. Is this problem worth this amount of verbal spew? there are much bigger issues in life that are more worthy of this kind of anger. Pity that the rubbish in life gets all the emotion from people.

          Maybe you should stop buying/playing games and invest all that money/time into solving the worlds food shortage and stop trying to guilt trip people.
          Just a thought.

    serious first world problem right here..

    As funny as it is he does have a point, why can NASA send something to mars for less then what Blizzard earns a year but Blizzard can't secure their network properly.

    Okay... that accent has GOT to be put-on, right? He can't really talk like that in real life right? He sounds exactly like a stereotype of a nerd. That's got to be an act right? If not.... he should focus on altering his accent.

      Didn't you notice his real accent slipping through at one point?

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Haha, watching with subtitles on .. Funny stuff.

    lol he runs out of oxygen just sitting down damn thats unfit

    I bet /v/ were thrilled about their mention.
    Oh man, I was smiling up until the pandas, then I lol'd.

    For everyone here who is new to Boogie's videos. He is acting.


    love this guy !

    If you guys watch his serious videos, where he's not acting, he's one of the best guys you'll meet.

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