You Can Buy This Man's 4 Video Game Stores On eBay (And His Entire Life While You're At It)

Shane Butcher will sell you his video game stores. He has four of them. But in order to buy the stores, you'll have to buy his entire life. His two houses, his cars. Everything. For $3.5 million.

Shane Butcher is selling his entire life on eBay, and you can totally make him an offer. He will give you literally all of his stuff, and he'll stick around for six months to show you the ropes of his R U GAME video game retail business.

Seriously, this guy has a lot of stuff. Seems like a pretty good life. $3.5 million good? I'm not so sure!

Bay area man selling his life on eBay [Fox]


    Welcome to 3 weeks ago!

    I have a strange feeling of deja vu.

    This really reminds me of Louis CK's joke about trading his life with a hobo for his amazing hair. The hobo would eventually ruin the life he swapped for, lacking the skills Louis CK had to build it. And having the hair, Louis CK would quickly rebuild his life because he still has his comedic skill.

    this has been done before, by an aussie guy from wollongong

    So hes ramping up sales for his business?

    Clever marketing for suckers.

    This is actually a pretty good deal if you had the investment funds of course. You would need to hire someone to do some really deep digging into this guys financials to make sure you aren't being handed a pile of debt. Its a novel concept though. $3.5 mil to start again and have a real head start in a new life direction is great.

    Jim Carey with a shaven head.

    Nothing ever surprises me in the internet world anymore lol

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