You Can Now Buy Nathan Drake's Gun Holster

David Vigil, who is a master leathersmith, is taking orders for an item he's called "UNCHARTED 3: Nathan Drake Inspired Gun Holster".

While appearing to be entirely unlicensed by Sony, official blessing seems to be the only thing it's lacking. Because it looks incredible.

Based on, obviously, Drake's shoulder holster from the third game in the series, it's not just a cosplay piece; Vigil says he makes them to exacting standards, and that because they're thick, waterproof and use proper metal parts each holster "can handle most if not all of what Nathan Drake goes through in each game".

If I could afford the $US450 he's asking, I'd get one. Just so I could walk around my office all day holding a styrofoam cup pretending I was Andy Sipowicz's sexier younger brother.

UNCHARTED 3: Nathan Drake Inspired Gun Holster [Etsy, via Fashionably Geek]


    Wonder if customs would let this pass as a "costume piece"?

    sadly I cant use one of these at the range or in comps :(

    Australian firearms laws for holsters requires they always remain down..... so if you lean over and the gun points up not allowed :(

    Confined to movable magnetic and ghey cowboy holsters for service pistol matches :(
    Now only $80 :) His website also has other gems of amazing ND themed leatherwork and otherwise, highly recommend you check it out.

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