You Can Now Pre-Order The Ouya Console

You Can Now Pre-Order The Ouya Console

If you contributed $US95 or more towards Ouya’s record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, then congratulations! You’ll be getting one of the shiny, Tegra-powered game consoles when they come out next year.

But if you didn’t contribute to the crowdfunding and still want to see what all the fuss if about, you can pre-order the Android box today starting today over at As for the games catalogue that will land on Ouya, the latest updates on their Kickstarter page offers a quote from Namco Bandai saying that they’re trying to figure out how to bring their games to Ouya.


  • Should they come out*
    Urgh, I understand with the stupid amount of money the Ouya has had thrown at it, there’s extremely little chance it won’t actually make it into mass production, but come on man, journalism, do it.

    • So you’re saying he should write an article that puts negative doubt to 65,000 people who backed a product? “LOL YOU MIGHT NOT GET IT”. Yeah, thanks for the Happy Friday message Sam.

      • Well, we haven’t seen a working Ouya with the finalise hardware or even seen a controller. Everything they show about the Ouya is renders or video play back of the UI.

        The keep promising all this stuff, yet they don’t have a device to show the public. I’ll eat my hat when it comes out but at the moment, I’m as cautious as Sam on this.

      • You might not, that’s the reality, quite a few kickstarters have met their goals and still failed to release at all, hell, 75% that do reach their goal get a delay. It’s actually more likely than not that even if you do eventually get one it won’t be next year at all. I don’t recall the pillar of journalism that requires you to not report on the truth, on reality so that your readers feel more confident in their risks… in fact I could have sworn it was the opposite.

    • Sam you must be lots of fun at parties.

      It’s exciting, an open source console that made nearly 9 times the amount they were hoping for.

      Not to mention if you look at the success of rasberry pi, that has been out for a bit and it’s still got a huge wait to order.

      • Yes it is exciting, I’m not denying that, yes you mentioned a successful kickstarter project, yes there have been others that haven’t released, yes this site purports to employee journalists, and yes you hurt my feelings with that jab.
        One of these things is not like the others!

  • When are they going to change that left thumbstick….the crappy ergonomic will render that controller totally unplayable!

    It had better be fixed beyond this cheap render.

  • This console looks great and its a posiive change for the industry. Increased competition, allowable hacking and modification, cheap entry price and interesting model for games sales. Im looking forward to this getting off the ground and I hope it is successful as it will have lasting impacts on the existing console market if they do deliver on the promises.

    Good luck and can’t wait.

  • I’m waiting on something more concrete. At the moment this is all one big pipe dream that has made a couple of dreamers very rich. I’m worried for all those people who pumped $8.5m into this dream since there is a very big chance that either nothing will come out or not all the money will go into the development and production of the console.

    • No idea. Im still skeptical. It has very limited hdd space, less than a DVD, its very underpowered, the tegra3 is a nice chip but my Ipad3 and my SGS3 do games along the exact same lines. It’s going to be a nice little machine but in no way will it be a replacement for current consoles. If anything it’ll be a novelty.

  • When this launches and if it meets expecations I will still buy it, even if the retail at that point is $100-150…

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