You Can't Explore Mars For Yourself, But You Can Play Waking Mars For Cheap

And for really cheap, too! In celebration of Curiosity's landing on Mars, Tiger Style's super cool iOS game Waking Mars is on sale for $1.99 in the App Store. It's worth it.

I did Waking Mars as my Gaming App of the Day back in March, and always felt like that kind of short writeup didn't do the game credit — it's a lovely game with a cool story, terrific music, and mysterious and organic gameplay.

Late last night, after the Curiosity chatter had died down a bit (well, not on Twitter — the chatter still hasn't died down on Twitter), I fired up Waking Mars and played a bit. It was a great way to cap off an exciting night — there I was again, beneath Mars, exploring tunnels and growing new plant-life.

The thing that made the Curiosity landing so cool to me is how grounded it was (so to speak). It's science at work, no more no less — a real-world accomplishment that feels grander for how elementary it is. This really happened! We really shot a robot into space successfully! Waking Mars has a relaxed, respectful view of science that feels right in line with that.

And hey, who knows? Maybe the next images we'll see from Curiosity will be of huge, oxygen-spewing plant barnacles. Stranger things have happened!

OK, stranger things haven't happened. But still, it'd be neat.

Waking Mars [App Store, $US1.99 on Sale]


    Waking Mars is in my top 3 favorite iOS title. I had such a great time with it!

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