You Can't Really Sell A Console Showing Humans Trapped In A Glass Box

I get it. The GameCube was a cube. So you can show stuff happening inside a cube. It's an advertising brief that writes itself.

But for every awesome shot in this old Nintendo commercial - like samurai doing battle, or the world's only Tie Interceptor living in captivity - there's something silly. Unnecessary. A little much, considering the tone and target market for many of the games that would wind up on the console.

Still, being a failed attempt to be as "cool" as Sony, the commercial is useful as an example of just one of the many angles, messages and ideas that Nintendo got wrong during the GameCube's time


    Who was this aimed at...? The only real adults game on GameCube was Eternal Darkness and that was originally a N64 game.

      RE Remake and RE0 were both exclusive to gamecube. Killer7 was a pretty mature game, so was True Crime (well sorta). Looking through the old collection though, not many mature releases.

      That being said, I still loved my indigo coloured cube.

    Lol wat a load

    don't care, Gamecube was awesome

    Gamecube was a great console but it went head to head with PS2 which include a DVD player juxtaposed with it's gaming console built in one. The real reason why gamecube failed was not because it had a lack of good games because there were many great games. The biggest reason gamecube failed is because it was released during the era of DVD and the market was ready for DVD. Seeing the PS2 had a DVD built into it, customers were willing to spend that little bit extra to have a DVD player alongside the PS2. Gamecube had no hope, but it was still a great machine.

    PS3 tried to do the same thing with it's blueray playing console but because the damn thing was so expensive when it launched that customers would run and not look back lest they turn to stone. Now however with over two thirds of the price slashed from it, it's doing great.

    ^ Explain this to me and then proceed to tell me that sony is 'cool' and the ad you chose to highlight was even worth highlighting at all as some kind of phenomenal failure.

    hmm so the gamecube was a way for nintendo to get everyone to sit in a glass box for their entire life?, thats all i got from that dumb, stupid ad

    Considering the Gamecube made a ton of money for Nintendo, I'd hardly consider it a failure as some do.

      I don't think so - Nintendo just didn't get it. They had poor third party support, only went to the optical media kicking and screaming (like Gerry Harvey and online shopping) and because of Nintendo's antics with the N64 many developers were reluctant to take the risk.

      I know there are good games, like Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime, Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Old Door, and (at some stretch) the Wind Waker.

      I can't say any more that's almost my entire GameCube library right there. There rest are not worth mentioning or are too obscure for anyone to know about. Like I have a copy of Skies of Arcadia: Legends. Hands up those who played that game on GameCube.

        I did play Skies of Arcadia: Legends on the cube but did you play the original version on the Dreamcast

        I got my hands up. And there's loads more than in your list. Also Wind Waker is no stretch.

    Rogue Squadron. Starfox Adventures. MGS Twin Snakes (was adult and a shat house game). Time Splitters (basically Goldeneye 2.0) then all the rest mentioned above + a heap more.

    Far from a bad console, yet all through High School when it was new people would say, "why get a Game Cube it's a kids console" and I'd go "why?" They'd say "no GTA, Gran Turismo? etc so in other words it was marketed bad in an age where alot of people are uninformed yet opinionated based on assumptions.

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