You Gotta Catch All These Pokémon Trainers! (No, Really, You Do)

Pocket Monsters isn't only about monsters. It's also about those Monster Ball packing characters. You know, trainers.

Over the generations, there have been a host of Pokémon trainers. Some of them have become iconic — such as Ash Ketchum, Misty, and Hilda. Being iconic in gaming means there are countless numbers of folks who enjoy dressing up as these characters. But who did it best?

Let's have a look at a few — by no means all — of the Pokémon wranglers and see who pulled off the best trainer cosplay.

Top photo: Zettai-Cosplay, Puzzle-Productions, ShionTheCookie






























    Geez some of that is nearly NSFW. I only complain because I am at work. No objection to some of that smokin' hot content - Ashcroft is my kind of pervert!

      Besides the ripped dude dressed as Ash (nipple alert!), what part is NSFW? Besides, given it's an Ashcraft article, may be worth avoiding it at work :D

    Second to last... has a rather nice bottom. :p

    that rapidash

    I love Giovanni. Orange is the worst colour for a suit, and yet...

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