You Think You Can Handle Samus' Power Suit? Her Zero Suit? Ha!

Samus Aran is iconic. So are the Metroid heroine's outfits. Yes, outfits — plural.

Unlike many characters, who have a single set of trademark threads, Samus has two: her Power Suit (or its upgrades) and her Zero Suit. Some fans did not like the advent of Zero Suit Samus, saying it not only sexualized a strong female character, but pointing out that it made her weaker when she wore it.

Both suits, however, have found their place in fandom. And both suits offer challenges for cosplayers. For the Power Suit, cosplayers need, well, a Power Suit — no easy task! Then there's the skin tight Zero Suit, which requires a degree of confidence to pull off.

In the above gallery, there's a sample of some of the best Samus cosplays — in heavy armour and out. Which one portrays the Metroid heroine the best?

To read more about Samus, check out the character's Metroid wikia.

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    The 16 bit Samus, clearly.

    Hayley Elise ... Best arse...errr Suit!

    None of them were giving a thumbs-down and acting like a 12 year old, so everybody wins!

    The Bird, the bee photo for me.. Veh nice, a high five!

    There was nothing wrong with the Zero Suit when it first made its appearance. It was only after Brawl that things really got out of hand and now it is horribly overplayed and eugh. And don't even mention Other M's rendition, especially with those ****ing heels...

    They look really great.... but I like the 16 bit Samus the best.

    16bit ftw.

    You fail to mention this samus cosplayer =P

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