You'll Be Able To Play PS1 Games On Your Vita Starting August 28

You can get PlayStation Classics like Final Fantasy VII and Tomb Raider on your Vita starting August 28, Sony said today at Gamescom.

The service was first announced this year at E3.


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    Finally! Awesome news.

      Dont get your hope's up, half the PS1 import still dont work properly on the PSP. I dont expect it'll be any different for the vita

    If they release CTR and Spyro, I'll probably get a Vita.

    Does this also mean we'll be able to play PS1 games on Playstation Certified Devices?

      What it means is that you will be able to play PS1 games on Vita.

    Oh, and August 28 I assume is the US date, what about us Aussies?

      Most likely the same, it will probably be a firmware update

    Would rather new games

      Plenty of new games announced and coming out before Christmas.

    Would rather remote play fully working.

    same as the ps3 having ps2 compatability?

    So... any PS1 games or just what they decide to release? Which of course will mean another slew of Final Fantasy games they expect everyone to re-buy for the 17th time over. Give us Breath of Fire 3, Chrono Cross and Legend of Dragoon and i'll be happy.

      No, give us Breath of Fire 4. I'm almost sure 3 is already there.

      People have to remember this isn't a free service too and everyones well entitled to charge for PS1 games on Vita.

      Chrono Cross is there.

      Get a US account. Best decision you'll ever make.

        Noob question, how do you get a US account? Just create one through PSN store/PS3?
        Does that mean you will lose your AU account?

          Curious about this too. I've been wanting Dyad on PSN since it was released, but damn them for not releasing globally.

            Make a new account on the xmb then in that account make a new PSN account and get a USA address

              You will need to buy PSN cards from USA off eBay to purchase stuff

    I can play any PS1 game on my hacked PSP right now. Not Vita, PSP. Rip the disc, copy the file.

      And I can play any ps1 game on my ps1, but that's hardly the point.

        Yeah, this will let you re buy a small selection of games you already own on a piece of expensive hardware where as what he said lets you rip games you already own onto a much cheaper device while still having the same portable experience.

    Now i just need to wait for Tombi to be released on the EU psn store = bliss

    ... But never ps2 games on the ps3... <_

    Man I wish I could play Gladius again.

    I had Gran Turismo 2 working on a custom-ROMmed PSP, and it was the most epic thing ever. On the Vita would be good too, since i traded in 2 weeks ago :)

    Ghost in the Shell! And Jeff Minter's Tempest 2000! Mind you that teensy screen and my aged retinas they could render the games I liked unplayable. And I still think that Sony needs to lower the price of the Vita

    freaking hell that took long enough

    looking forward to playing final fantasy on the vita :)

    It's funny because the reality is that back catalog is the only thing that can save/prolong the death of the Vita.

    I'm sorry, are you from the past?

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