You'll Soon Be Able To Play All Three Phoenix Wright Games On iOS

Take that! HD remakes of all three Phoenix Wright games are coming to iPad and iPhone later this year, publisher Capcom said today.

You'll be able to download an app called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD for free, then buy the three games in the trilogy: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations.

The app will ship with a free demo of Ace Attorney's first two chapters. It will also have a bunch of other silly features, Capcom says:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will also come with the "Everyone Object" mode (at no additional cost) to help players communicate their displeasure of everyday situations with the help of popular Ace Attorney characters and sayings. With a simple touch of a button, the phrases, "Objection!", "Hold it!", and "Take that!" can be emailed to friends or tweeted along with an animated image.

In other words, there will soon be a way to instantly send Phoenix Wright gifs to everyone you know. Yes.

No word on whether the fourth game, Apollo Justice, or any of the other Ace Attorney and Miles Edgeworth games will make their way to iOS at any point soon.


    At first I was all: AWESOME, MORE PORTS OF ACE ATTORNEY GAMES (sarcastically, because I have already played them you see)
    Then I was all: THAT WAS SARCASM, CAPCOM, WHERE IS ACE ATTORNEY 5 (Investigations counts as a spin-off in my books), STOP WASTING TIME ON BEING MONEY GRUBBERS
    Then I read: "With a simple touch of a button, the phrases, “Objection!”, “Hold it!”, and “Take that!” can be emailed to friends or tweeted along with an animated image."
    Then I cried manly tears of joy.

    Shame no miles edgeworth though. More ds games on my iPad plzn

    Need a new Apollo game, there's still a question mark on Trucy's past and her feelings. Phoenix states as much in the last case of AJ.

    Can't wait to get my hands on Layton vs PW, that cross over will be gold

      Yes, also just needs more of hobo Phoenix being really awesome.

    Too bad if you already bought number 1 on iOS

      lol yeah :( well if it's in-app purchases you can just buy 2 and 3 I suppose...

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