Your Fate Does Not Concern Death In This Latest Darksiders II Trailer

Perhaps you've heard that Darksiders II will star Death. You hadn't heard that? Well, it will! But sorry to say, he cares more about his brother War than he cares about you.

This latest trailer is narrated by Skull-face himself, and it even ends with a roar, which as we all know is the key to a successful game trailer.


    Just a few more days to go then I will have something worth playing. Also scored 10 days off work for GW2

    This game and franchise is horrendously underrated, one of the games I've been most looking forward to all year.

      I agree! Darksiders is one of the few games over the last few years that I could just not put down. Played the first one through in just a few days, which is remarkable for me.. Looking forward to this so so much!

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