Yup, This New Star Wars Game Looks Gorgeous

We have no idea how well the newest Star Wars game, 1313, plays. From what little of it we've seen, it appears to be your standard third-person, cover-based shooter.

But boy does it look amazing. This trailer, the game's first proper clip for public consumption, mixes footage we saw at E3 with some new stuff, including a side of Coruscant that's a little different from the one you're used to.

We know 1313 is headed for the PC. Given the lack of Xbox 360 and PS3 logos at the end of this trailer, it's looking increasingly likely any other platforms it's headed for haven't even been announced yet.



      +1 cynical gamer point to you!

      Actually thought the same but first video i've seen

    Yeah but the force unleashed looked awesome at one point too. And that was meh in the end.

      oh yeah, that is totally true. Man I was so pumped for that game, what a disappointment... not many games have actually lived up to the hype I feel when I first learn about them :/

    My biggest fear is it's another Rebel Assault. Revolutionary graphics in a severely on rails game. Im most likely wrong but hey, the fear is still there...

      Rebel Assault was terrible. Rebel Assault 2? Now that cheesefest was enjoyable if you had some popcorn and a buddy to sit with you and go 'MST3K' on every FMV cutscene.

    I'm hoping for something along the lines of Mass Effect meets GTA. We'll see.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      That would be awesome if somebody could nail that. The sandbox and open world of GTA, with less stupidity, with the story focus and character depth of Mass Effect, all set in the Star Wars universe.

    Slave I at 1:12...jango /boba fett to make a appearance

      Where? If you mean the ship in the centre, that is definitely not the Slave 1.

      Pretty widely accepted that you'll be playing a young Boba Fett.... just not officially announced by Lucas Arts. In Star Wars lore CT1313 was an alias used by Bobba Fett.

        AS a massive fan of the Fett and the fact that what you are saying in regards to the lore is true makes it very hard not to get excited.

      Nope, that's a G9 Rigger Freighter http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Twilight_%28G9_Rigger_freighter%29

    the game graphics, gameplay and flow looks fairly cool but honestly i don't care about bounty hunters at all. I know it has already been done but adding jedi and force powers as playable characters would make me buy this day 1. As of now the bounty hunter part just isn't interesting enough for me to buy it at all.
    Maybe some modders?

    I've seen better looking... But I really want a 'good' Star Wars game.

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