Zelda's Windfall Island Recreated In Skyrim

Man, it has been a day for cool Skyrim stuff. The latest is this re-creation of Windfall Island from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker entirely in Skyrim.

So OK, yeah, as one commenter points out, "It's like you took the Wind Waker and sucked all the joy out :'D" All the same, this is a pretty cool mod. PC Skyrim players can download the mod through the Skyrim Steam Workshop.

Here's a pic of the real Windfall Island. Next I want someone to do a mod for Skyrim that re-does the whole game in Windwaker's colour scheme and style. I'd play that!

(Via Zelda Informer)


    The original still looks better than Skyrim. It goes to show just how much art direction can help with a games longevity.

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