13 Year-Old Steals Car, Drives 13 Hours To Meet Her Xbox Live 'Boyfriend'

Beth Robinson is 13. She recently met a boy, aged 12, over Xbox Live. Beth lives in Houston and the boy, Dylan, lives in Hodgenville, Kentucky. When Beth's dad didn't like the fact the two were playing games and "chatting" together over the service, she did what any lovestruck 13 year-old girl would do: went a little bananas.

Stealing her brother's car and her mother's ATM card, Beth set off to drive to Dylan's house. Reminder: she's 13. She got as far as Nashville, Tennessee before being stopped by police, who had been alerted to be on the look-out for the teenager.

She's since been reunited with her family in the strangely heart-warming video below. And while there's all sorts of messed up things related to the incident, let's be clear: aside from the stealing and unlicensed driving, nothing sordid went down here. Which makes a pleasant change, since these kind of Xbox romance stories normally involve some degree of skin-crawling.

Let's also not lose sight of the fact the girl managed to make it from Houston to Nashville. Which is 13 hours away. That's one hell of a drive.

13-year-old runaway returns home to tearful reunion [KVUE]


    Looks like a lumberjack.

      and that's okay...

        I sleep all night..

          ,,,and work all day.

    Wow, holy shit. That's.... wacky? I dunno, props to her for driving for 13 hours O_o Wonder if she had to stop for gas

      Nope, she just let down the window.


      Gas? You'd be hard pressed to find a car that ran on LPG in the American south

        they also call amphetamines Gas

      I cut down trees, I eat my lunch...

    First thought mother sounded like Tree Trunks on Adventure Time

    Wonder how they first got together

    "aww bb dats some coot quikscopn skils u got ther, we shud party up sumtime"

    I love how they show an ad for black ops ii when they say "they met playing xbox" a game that isn't out yet

    I hope her parents don't punish her too much.

    Teenagers can get pretty emotional. Just be glad that no one got hurt. This is just something they'll look back on one day and laugh about it.

      12 and 13 aren't exactly the right ages to be 'emotional teenagers'...

    I'm surprised there actually are 12 year old boys on Xbox Live, and it's not just grown men *acting* like 12 year old boys.

    Why is "chatting" in quotation marks? Was it MORE than chatting?

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