3DS Game With Truly Ugly Characters Is A Hit

Kobito Dukan, those ugly troll characters, got their own 3DS game. And that game had insane box art. And the game itself looked OK, fun even. But those characters? Like a dog's breakfast.

But as fugly as the Kobito Dukan trolls are and as nutso as the 3DS box art looks, this game is a hit — it's shipped over 100,000 copies in Japan in about a month since going on sale in late July. Bravo troll people!

『こびとづかん こびと観察セット』が発売から約1ヵ月で10万本を出荷 [ファミ通]


    They are pretty fugly but the game seems interesting in a weird way

    They're like the most horrible Pikmin you've ever seen.

    WOAH! Tingle got ugly!

      My thoughts exactly.

    It's Kobito Zukan, not Dukan. It translates to Dwarf Picture Book.

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