Want Australian Details On The Wii U? You'll Have To Wait Until Midnight Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that tomorrow night, at 12 midnight, it will broadcast another episode of Nintendo Direct and take a "closer look at the Wii U". Considering previous rumours, we're hoping that we'll finally get an official price and release date for the console.

We've also just had confirmation from Nintendo Australia that it will be updating its local site on the go with all the relevant local information — so we're hoping that we'll be getting our release date and pricing info at (roughly) the same time as the rest of the world.

Usually Australians have to wait for such info, so it's pretty exciting to hear we'll actually be informed this time round, as opposed to scrambling for info weeks after the US and Europe have their dates.

Three weeks ago, an anonymous source informed us that Nintendo was planning to release the Wii U on December 6, which makes sense considering previous console launches in this country. I'd say this still holds true, but we'll find out for sure tomorrow night.


    Do you mean 12am, as in ten hours from now, or tomorrow at midday, which is 12pm?

      Yes in about 10 hours.

      No, as in at 12:01am it will be the 14th...not the 13th.

    Nintendo need an overhaul for there eshop along with this announcment, dislike seing so much content "not yet available in your region"

      I have my 3DS set to the UK. No impact so far except I'm charged in pounds. This means I can buy VVVVVV. What else are you missing out on from having your region set to Aus?

      Obviously this isn't a proper solution, but at least we have a workaround.

        hmmm not sure why i didnt think about this, i VPN to US for steam....
        Thanks mate

    LOL "tomorrow night at 12pm" uhh so midday or midnight?

      hurr hurr hurr

      But seriously, "we’ll find out for sure tomorrow night"


      Sorry, the release was actually very confusing. So please forgive my transgressions!

        No need to apologise, people just need to use their brains.

    C'mooooon $400 (or less!) launch price (with Nintendoland included)

      I sorta hoping for $600 so I can have a smug face for everyone who told me 'Nintendo learned their mistake with 3DS it won't be that high you are dumb".

        $600 for the console only. No tablet controller included. That costs another $250.

        If I think the worst, then whatever they announce will seem really great in comparison!

      I reckon $398 with nintendoland and one tablet. $450 - same with remote + nunchuck. Date will be dec6.

    I'm not sure I like these Nintendo Directs as much as I did when they were still 'new'. Will be interesting to see how they are handled once both new consoles (3DS and Wii U)have been out for a while.

    My (hopeful) guess for price is $349 for base package. I think that December date that's been floating around is probably right. I'm also hoping nintendoland comes bundled with it

    Reggie walks out.

    Approaches lectern.

    Shuffles palm cards awkwardly into the microphone.

    Clears throat.

    "Mario is the packed in WiiU title"

    Stunned silence.

    "Bitch, Nintendo's back"

    Pulls out a guitar from behind lectern and does a blistering solo.

      don't forget moonwalk's off stage.

        Doesn't moonwalk off stage. Tells everyone to get out of his damn theatre.

    No matter what it is here, I've learnt my lesson after the Wii and 3ds. I'll be buying one from the US.

      Thats what I did with my 3DS... imagine my disappointment when I can't play Mario Kart 7 with local players. No matter what you do, Nintendo will find a way to screw you.

        That is such utter and complete bullshit and gets me angry every time I am reminded of it.


          I had no idea this was the case.


          Rethinking about getting my XL from the US now...

            Games and eShop are region locked (tho PAL has access to Aus and UK). Some multiplayer games let you play local against different regions (pretty sure Street Fighter IV did)... some don't (Mario Kart 7 for example... imported console aside - I was pretty pissed I couldn't play it against people while in Japan!)
            Given cost of importing games from the US atm, I'd say just importing it all from the UK makes the most sense for the 3DS. I pay about $50 per game from the states ($39 + shipping)

            Don't know if it's system-wide, but it at least happens for some titles.

            Stranger still is that for some games, you can't get a StreetPass from foreign versions :/

              Pretty sure it completely depends on the developer.
              For Mario Kart 7, the games are obviously "compatible" since you can play against people all over the world online. Just the local match making that obviously checks far a game ID or something that doesn't match up.
              Interesting that most games *do* support street pass from diff versions.

                Indeed Fire emblem is an example of this, both its SpotPass and DLC are available even if you imported it.

    I thought in general that previous console launches have been around March of the following year for consoles that launch for xmas in the USA / Japan? I know they managed to get the Wii out here just in time for xmas 2006, but most other Australian launches (including the Gamecube and N64) have been the following year?

    Could be wrong, but that's at least how I remember it...

      So what's your proposal? they should follow a release schedule they did 6 years ago? which was most likely caused by legal, classification, customs, publishing or distribution issues?

      No way they will miss the opportunity to get the christmas sales. It will definately be released worldwide this year.

    I'm hoping for less than $400 AU

    Um... Guys... I could be wrong here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this broadcast will be happening at midnight TOMORROW night, not tonight.

    EVIDENCE #1: According to American websites, the broadcast is happening on Thursday. It ain't Thursday in America until it's the middle of OUR Thursday.
    EVIDENCE #2: To me, 24:00 means the END of the day. If it was the START of the 13th of Sep, you'd think it would say 00:00.


    it will be $1000.

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