7 Minutes Of Cube World Will Make You Smile, Unless You Hate Happiness

Inspired by Minecraft, Zelda, Diablo and more... capable of melting the heart of our own Luke Plunkett (actually, he already worships The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)... and just all-around amazing-looking... this is the game codenamed Cube World.

It's being made by a mere two people and will be out for PCs eventually. It can be played solo, but what we've got here is a stretch of multiplayer. So pretty!


Details about what's in the video, fromt he game's lead creator, Wollay:

- Hang gliders: You will probably get these with level 10 or higher. They're quite fun to use, especially when you fall down. :) You get stunned and fall down when you fly against a wall.

- Sprinting (consumes stamina)

- Some attacks can stun enemies.

- New monsters and items

- Dungeons

- Rare zones: Just like items, zones can have different rarities. Monsters are stronger here and drop better loot.

- Dungeons: In the video you see a castle dungeon, featuring female Orcs! :P

- We're also adding new zones like lava lands

New Cube World Video! [Wollay's Blog]


    wow that looks amazing - almost like a 3D Terraria!

      OMG 3D Terraria!!! Sign me up.

    This looks like a 3D SNES RPG.

    I loved the way that big green dude ripped up the ground as he got knocked away.

    Wow. This looks absolutely lovely!

    I hate happiness as it would seem, this looks just as crap as minecraft, looks alot like it to, why so many minecraft clones when minecraft is such a shit game?

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