A Brand-New Final Fantasy XIII Means Exciting New Creatures To Kill

Fears of a new chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga bringing another 40-80 hours of battling the same old beasts were put to rest this evening, as art director Isamu Kamikokuryo showed off a series of decidedly different mythical beasts for Lightning Returns, from gigantic dragons to decaying undead.

While I rather enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII-2, I must admit battling the same creatures from the first game over and over again left the whole affair feeling a bit stale. Judging from the concept art released thus far, Lightning Returns won't suffer that same problem.

In fact, that Red Dragon picture up top seems to indicate a much more dynamic battle system than the initial presentation indicated. Removing the Dragon's horns disable the breath weapon? Are we going to be targeting specific body parts? Is Lightning a one-woman monster dissection unit?


    I just hope they got rid of the silly feral link system

      Unless they let you party up with one of those guys above!!

      It will be interesting to see what they do with the party for this. It is Lightnings Saga so she will be the spot light of course. But does that mean that she will be going solo and recruiting monsters and mercenaries to fight along side herself or will we be getting back some of the rest of the crew or another Noel... *Shudders*

        Your just jealous of his hair, Kid :P

      Judging from the talks/concepts its going to be a one woman show w/ just Lightning and their designing it to be a sorta action/RPG

      Feral link system was rad - I want more pokemon in my FF games!

      I had a trio of chocobos that we pretty tough, led by my golden chocobo. Now post story game I'm rolling with Lightning herself as my third party member and she's stealing the show!

    I want more snowwwwwwwww

      Can't beat his enthusiasm huh?

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