A Bunch Of Halo 4 Campaign Screens To Start Your Weekend

We'll have more on Halo 4's campaign mode later in the day, but for now, here's a collection of screenshots from the game, some in first-person, others not, all of them looking very purple.

Good to see 343 have at least stayed faithful to that Bungie legacy.


    FWIW, these are high-res, super-sampled bullshots. Don't expect to see this image quality in the game.

    Looks good though.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        lol butthurt!!!!

        It's funny, because he's right, and you're mad about it.

    Argh it looks so beautiful. I wish this was coming to PC so I could enjoy these graphics in actual 1080p.

    I hope MS goes back to its tradition of porting Halos to PC, although I seriously doubt it.

      Porting to the PC + a mod kit with the same power and versatility of Halo CE (or, even better, the various projects which have hacked and modified Halo CE) would be fantastic. I would buy it Day One, regardless of how high the Australia Tax was.

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