A Close Up Look At Sony's New Hardware

Today in Tokyo, Sony showed off its latest gaming hardware. There was a slimmer and smaller version of the PlayStation 3 as well as two new PS Vita colours.

The new PlayStation 3 comes in two colours — black and white — while the PS Vita will soon be available in Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue.

Here's a look — up close and personal — with all of Sony's latest hardware.


    The new PlayStation 3 looks like garbage. Loving the colourful vita's though.

    I don't get the grill design on the new PS3 slim but the white one looks real smexy :3

      Apparently it's the disc tray it's going slide open

    The new PS3 Slim looks god awful! I didn't think it could look worse than it already did but they've proved us wrong

    Who is coming up with these hideous designs?


    Those ridges on the PS3 are going to trap an awful lot of dust...

    white one looks like an old air conditioner

    To be honest I think the colourful Vitas look pretty terrible too, way worse than the white AC3: Liberation one. I think I'll stick with my regular black one for now.

      Yeah I know. I actually prefer my black vita over the red and blue ones.

    The white PS3 looks like something from the original Alien movie

      You just sold me! Although I don't need one... But if I did!

    I love how retro the ps3 is looking. Fucking classy.

    I would find the bright red of the vita to be too distracting

    YES. Because my last ps3 simply wasn't slim enough.

      Think it's just to cut cost and get those last few people without ps3s to get one

    While I agree that the ridges in the new PS3 will be magnets for dust, I can't help but feel the redesign have a sort of charm to it. . . Not enough to get me to buy a brand new PS3 to replace my perfectly functioning PS3 mind you, but I still think it's a nice looking piece of hardware.

    The Reb/Blue Vitas on the other hand, something about them is just off putting to me, and I think I know what it is. If you look up images of coloured variants of the PSP, you'll notice that the control sticks/analoge stub/action buttons were all coloured the same colour as the rest of the unit. made the whole thing look nice. The Vita on the other hand simply put a different coloured shell on and kept all the buttons as standard black, which clashes horribly with the major colour of the device. I know it might just be nit picking here but I hope Sony decide to rectify this before they ship the devices, a blue Vita with Blue input controls would almost tempt me to sell my current black one just for a colour change.

      I actually prefer the black buttons

    Anyone else think the red vita is to bright ?

    new plastic shells... meh... seriously I really don't understand the logic. I'd always choose black because I don't want to see the hardware! Also as far as PS3 being lighter, well consoles sit inside a TV cabinet for 99% of their life so lighter doesn't mean jack all. I just don't get the point of these updates. For comparisons sake at least the DS gets bigger screens each update... but Sony how is this even news!

    Looks like an PS2slim slotted into an PS3slim - does that hint at hardware based PSone/PS2 compatibility returning?

    Who ever green lit this PS3 design should be fired. It's so awfully not of this time period. THIS is why people no longer buy there stuff, OK their cameras are still amazing. The ribbed grill is disgusting, and a return to the shiny plastic is a mistake. I love my PSone PS2PS2I and PS3 but when I see this type of design I non longer wonder how Sony is doing so poorly.

      One more thing. Still no port in the back. If the PS3 only had one port I'd be OK with that if it was on the back.

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