A PC Game Where You Manage A Space Colony? Wonderful.

Maia is an upcoming indie game where you're put in charge of managing a sci-fi facility. The world will be procedurally-generated, will contain various different hostile environments, and require you to defend it from hostiles.

Which all sounds great. And looks great, too, in this test footage which shows that the game's proprietary engine can display things in first-person (as you take direct control of your station's helper robots) as well as it does third-person (the game's standard perspective).

A neat concept, its own engine...it's all the more remarkable, then, that it's the work of just one man, veteran indie developer Simon Roth.

You can see and read more about the game below.

Maia [Official Site, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Wow, gaming news, Luke Plunkett?!!?!?

      "via Rock, Paper, Shotgun"


          I reckon you guys set that alley-oop up ;-)

          You're on a gaming website, not a gaming news website. I suppose you'd take a pitchfork to reviews as well?

    for some reason that reminds me a lot of system shock 2

    Game looks great. Seriously do want.

    That's a neat graphics effect; pity it looks horrible.

    I didn't really get a whole lot from that video. I guess it's early days?

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