A Second, Very Brief Look At Insomniac's Next Big Game

Resistance and Ratchet & Clank developers Insomniac took to the spotlight at E3 2011 and revealed Overstrike. A game that we've basically not seen since.

Well, it's back, and with a new name, and once I stop thinking it sounds like the name of a racing game, I'm sure everything will be just fine.

This clip, apparently taken from one of the game's briefing sequences, is notable because I can't remember the last time a briefing sequence was worth showing off.


    I really hope this game didn't lose that humorous edge it had in the original trailer. This looks far too COD/Battlefield like. Really hope I'm wrong.

    Why did they change the name? It was cooler before, and everything is clearly still run by "Overstrike." They're even still team nine, according to the video. Still, it looks awesome and I hope it's still as funny as it was in the last trailer.

    I'm so psyched for this game. Insomniac have basically never put a foot wrong, and the first trailer we saw for this looked fantastic. Here's hoping the big announcement is a release date.

    This looked really boring to me when they showed it last year.

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