A Startling, Alternate Ending For Black Mesa

When does something stop being "fan-made" and start being real? Considering the fact that the excellent Half-Life tribute Black Mesa was itself made by fans of the original game, this amazing alternate ending, created and uploaded by Machinima filmmaker TomahawxX, feels perhaps a touch more real than your average fan-made video.

The filmmaker, who created the whole thing without the aid of Valve's new Source Filmmaker tech, writes:

By deciding that Gordon Freeman remains silent during his adventures, Valve also abandoned the possibility of revealing his thoughts and inner life — with good reason. It allows the player to interpret and react on a situation by himself, supporting the identification of the character.

But apart from that the fact that Gordon always stays calm and unfazed may lead to the impression that he is cold-blooded, a highly professional war machine, which surely wasn't Valve's intention. So this machinima aims at showing possible feelings and thoughts of the anti-hero, although this alternative ending is not true to the original story.

Check it out. It's powerful stuff.

A Free Man — A Black Mesa Machinima (alternate ending) [YouTube by TomahawxX via Black Mesa on Facebook]


    never having played the half life series to completion (i'll get around to it), why did he do that?

      Guilt. He's the one who caused the resonance cascade. This video is basically saying "if Gordon had feelings what would he do?" and it's very much possible that that's what he might do...

      However, as explained in Half-Life 2 it's not exactly as simple as that. Without giving away too much lets just say that everything that happens to Gordon isn't his doing...

        Giving everything away, The Combine were coming sooner or later. They're a giant military pushing through all of these worlds and stripping them bare. By opening the portals, the G-Man was able to get them to invade Earth before they were completely unstoppable, and the war forced the scientists to focus on military technologies to destroy The Combine. If the resonance cascade hadn't occured, Earth would move towards a more peaceful focus with science, and then we would have been completely decimated when The Combine finally showed up hundreds of years later.


          That's not my understanding of it at all. The scientists of Black Mesa, as far as I know, were unaware of the Combine at all and had merely bargained with Gman to get the crystal sample (as explained by Eli in Episode 2). We know however that scientists had also been to Xen before Gordon and that that's how the Gman came into contact with human scientists (I think so anyway). The "unknown benefactors" contracted the Gman to provide Black Mesa with the crystal which scientists thought would provide a much better sample (for whatever they were testing), but was instead rigged to create a more permanent portal to Xen. From my understanding in Half Life 2 Xen is a Border-dimension, a place the Combine were using to get to other dimensions. Their military was stretched thin and as such they had no real way to get to earth - until the events of Half Life 1.

          The Gman, using some technique similar to the Vortesence, has some (unknown) control over his agents (Gordon, Adrian Shepard) - as so far as events around them can be subtley manipulated so that the task can be completed, but without directly interfering or removing free will from the agent - which is perhaps why Gordon seems to be so "lucky" and also so cold hearted. He's just being prompted, more than subconsciously, to keep going and complete certain tasks. But as we see in HL2 some of that control is being lost the more the Vortigaunts interfere (themselves limited in strength).

          I don't think it says anywhere that the Combine where coming sooner or later or that Earth was even on their radar before the events of Black Mesa (it was probably the scientists making their way to Xen prior to HL1 that made them aware of Earth). In fact they only got the crystal that morning so I don't see how they would have had time to focus on military technology (which they were already working on for the government).


            The vorts and the other aliens invaded Earth from Xen because they were being forced out by the combine. I read it in an interview awhile back: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Combine_History


              They were fleeing from the combine to Earth.

              At least that's my understanding.

    I think they got 'Gordon Freeman' confused with 'Complete Pussy'. A few of the other scientists do kill themselves. And I agree about the silent war machine part, but that wasn't the case in Half Life 2 (holy shit, been 2 years since I replayed that!), the other characters somehow made him a LOT more relatable. Damn HL2 was good.

    Am I the only person who has been completely unable to download this from any of the official mirrors. Ive tried four browsers on three machines, and I cant figure it out.

      try the torrent version

    Gordon Freeman is man who gets shit done. Shit's not being done in this video, ergo, this is not Gordon Freeman.

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