Actually, It Is Kinda BS That Bayonetta 2 Is A Wii U Exclusive

Actually, It Is Kinda BS That Bayonetta 2 Is A Wii U Exclusive

It’s funny when anyone on the internet flips out, but no one does it better than the video gamer. When the issue involves someone not getting what they want, when they want it, at the price they want it — and you yourself don’t want it — it’s entertaining as hell watching someone break into a Rumplestiltskenian fit on the way to a total meltdown and an Internet petition or two. It’s like going to a dunking booth and seeing actual hate in the clown’s eyes. Boy, that guy is unhinged.

Fans of Bayonetta took a soaking last week when they learned that the game was getting a sequel — exclusively on the Wii U. This type of thing is not unprecedented, as the Final Fantasy cohort was quick to remind. But on further review, they have a point — if inelegantly expressed. And it’s been a hell of a week for that, too, but I digress. Maybe Bayonetta didn’t sell enough to get Sega interested in publishing a sequel. These things happen.

But these are the people who did buy the game. And this isn’t Dynasty Warriors, Bayonetta scored very well in critical reception. I think the Xbox 360 version pulled a 90, with framerate problems on the PS3 dragging down the overall average. Critical acclaim plus boutique sales is a recipe for a cult following.

And the reward for their loyalty is to be told the game they want effectively costs them $US360 or $US410. I try to think about how I’d have felt if, say, Red Dead Redemption was an exclusive on a console I didn’t own, or didn’t yet exist, and I’d probably burst a blood vessel.

It’s because the constituency is being used in a pretty cynical way, even if Nintendo stepping as publisher is likely the only way this sequel gets done. But Nintendo isn’t doing this out of altruism for the series, they want to sell consoles, and give their machine a chance with a type of gamer who needs a good deal of coaxing to buy a second console — especially one that comes so late in its hardware generation.

It’s not hard to think Nintendo was banking on an implied vouch from Bayonetta fans, and instead it became a backlash against Bayonetta‘s developer, Platinum Games. And I keep coming back to the fact that if you enjoyed the original and want the sequel, it’s going to run you six times what’s usually paid for a video game, turn key.

None of this excuses the extreme hatred and circus-floor dung hurled at Platinum, or the Twitter tantrums, or laughable revenge fantasies such as this one. This guy doesn’t call for a straight-up boycott — which I think a lot of disaffected fans would go for. He said that the only copies of Bayonetta that should be bought are used copies, because that will rob Nintendo of sales. How those copies are supposed to get into the secondhand market in the first place, I’m not sure, and it still ignores the real and valid gripe here: The need to buy a console, even a used one.

Yes, this is not the worst we’ve seen, theoretically. Final Fantasy jumped to PlayStation with Final Fantasy VII, a landmark title both in that series and in video game history, and for what it did in that console’s rivalry with the Nintendo 64. Bayonetta 2 is unlikely to have a legacy anywhere close to that.

There’s also something to be said for the health of Square and the Final Fantasy series at the time. That game was going to be published, it was a question of which side offered Square the most potential. But then again, this situation unfolded before the Internet had become the kind of megaphone it is today for the gaming community. Everybody remembers how berserk some went when it was announced at E3 2008 that Final Fantasy XIII was going to the Xbox 360, and that wasn’t even a console-exclusive situation.

So, though I think Nintendo bought a client list more than it did a video game series, there’s no implied right either to a sequel or to a sequel on the platform for which the original was made. This is part of the bargain when you’re dealing with the carnival of closed systems in modern gaming. You steps up and you pays your money. Just be careful around the clowns.

Hey folks, Something Negative is a rant. Love it or hate it, we all need to blow off steam. Let yours out in the comments.


  • Since you quoted my article on my blog, I’ve just addressed the question of the supply of Bayonetta 2 in the secondary market in a new article.

  • What you wrote:
    “He said that the only copies of Bayonetta that should be bought are used copies, because that will rob Nintendo of sales”

    What he wrote:
    “1. Buy the WiiU USED when Bayonetta 2 is about to release so that Nintendo don’t get a CENT for your purchase.
    2. Buy Bayonetta 2 USED (you’ll see it in a week) so that PG isn’t going to get a CENT for your purchase.”

    Sorry…I know its minor, but misquoting people is a pet peeve of mine :p

  • I think your comment on Bayonetta 2 being published by Nintendo for a quick buck was a little disheartening. Nintendo do have a history with Platinum Games, Madworld. And correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that Platinums first release? That means Nintendo brought that developer into the spotlight. Without Nintendo there probably wouldn’t be a Bayonetta, or a Vanquish. Just putting my point out.

    • Oh and Infinite Space on the DS. Adding to my previous comment, both Madworld and Infinite Space received well from critics. Platinum came to life through Nintendo.

  • Im a huge fan, but was planning on buying a Wii-u anyways so I’m not feeling all the butthurt everyone else is. George just lucky I guess

  • The game doesn’t cost 360 or 410? That’s some terrible correlation of mathematics there, indicating that people would only buy a WiiU for bayonetta 2 and then junk it… bad maths and sensationalist reporting. I understand it’s an opinion but jesus christ when you’re wrong, you’re *really* wrong aren’t you… the game will cost the same as it would regardless, it’s not *obliged* to appear on any console. Stuff like this HAS happened before and it’s honestly not like Bayonetta was a AAA title, it was a niche game that hit the bargain bins pretty damn quick.

    • No, it was a niche game with a cult audience who is unlikely to be looking seriously at Nintendo’s new console, because Nintendo make machines for everyone except core gamers, and it’s a subset of core gamers who liked Bayonetta. It is looking like $400+ for me to play Bayonetta 2, and I’m quite annoyed. Not the end of my world, but it’s still sad to see a treasured IP be subsumed into Nintendo’s hegemony.

      • Niche gamers were never going to get a sequel either way. So they’re not out of pocket. It’s a bit of a self entitled attitude to be taking…

      • Are you people all crazy? Nintendo don’t make consoles for ‘core’ gamers? You mean the Wii wasn’t but what was Res 4 on first? Thats right the Game Cube!

        Ever played the awesomeness that was Eternal Darkness? Lets go further back…. Lets say the Final fantasy Games, Castlevania, Sin & Punishment, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Final Fight, Chrono trigger, Secret of Mana, ISS (before it became Pro Evo Soccer), Killer Instinct, Starwars Rogue series and so many more.

        Most of these either started life on a Nintendo console or were exclusives so for someone to say they don’t make consoles for ‘core’ gamers just shows that like most of the games the ‘casual’ gamers play, their memory is pick up and play!

        • Going back that far is irrelevant. They’ve trampled their own legacy time and time again; I have no reason to believe that any pre-Wii actions could ever be precedent for the future.

          • Lol. It’s a video game company. Don’t take things so seriously dude. They’ve trampled their legacy because some kid on the internet says so? Take your energy and that unending e-cynicism and spend it on something worthwhile.

          • Then look at the great wii core games!
            Mad World, Punch Out, Xenoblade, Muramasa, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Monster Hunter, Cave Story, Contra Rebirth; the list goes on! Any of these blistering experiences would have turned grandma off her Wii faster than her stewed prunes go through you.

            Just because you ignored the Wii due to your preconceived notions of what it could do doesn’t mean they ignored core gamers. You just show your ignorance by making unjustified claims that Nintendo has forgotten core gamers.

      • How is it not? What if Bayonetta 2 was released on the XBox 720. Would you be wanting to boycot it because you have to buy a new console to play it?

        • Except that many people are loyalists.

          They continue to buy 1 company and 1 company only’s console.

          So if your an XBOX man you don’t care what iteration of XBOX stuff comes out on just so long as it comes out on something you were likely to get anyway.

          Because it’s actually an investment to buy a newer version of a console provided it has backwards compatibility since you will be able to continue to play your old games while opening up the potential for new ones.

          If nothing on the Wii has interested you in the Wii’s life cycle. It’s unlikely you have any vested interest in anything the WiiU is doing. But if you want to continue a game’s story that you were already provided access to. You would rightly be annoyed.

          • Except this same “complaint” has happened since time in memoriam w/ every console and every exclusive release. A dev decides to swap consoles/architectures for various (usually monetary reasons) and then the bitching starts.

            Except the difference this time around is for some reason instead of the usual caustic “suck it in!/if you want it buy it!” reply from the forums the general bitching has somehow managed to “get support” because “its in a console you normally wouldn’t be interested in!”

            Right because you know when a dev decides to swap consoles NO ONE ever thought the same way….

          • Cause yeah my ps2 games work real well in my Australian PS3. The 360 doesn’t have full compatibility either as my ‘The Warriors disk’ can attest to. Yeah people only buy Microsoft consoles – they have had TWO consoles braniac.

          • LOL – ORRRRRR – your love for the game could make you want to play it, no matter the cost.

  • How?
    Platinum have literally come out and said no-one else was willing to publish it.
    Just be happy it’s getting made.
    Classic Kotaku, playing sensationalist tabloid for the views.

    • ^THIS. Its amazing Nintendo has gone out on a limb to publish a sequel to a game that didn’t sell, otherwise the sequel wouldn’t exist. Everyone quit your bitching.

    • Sigh. If it’s getting made on a console that has no other games one wants – then it may as well not be made. Is that so hard to understand?

      • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

        Yup, pretty sure even with out Bayonetta 2 tons of fanatical hunters like myself will be buying the Wii U. Oh sure, there are other sweet exclusive core games for the Wii U. But pretty sure my investment is paid for just by that one game offering me 1000+ hours of gameplay.

        So yes, I find it hard to understand how there can be so many other great reasons to buy a Wii U that you don’t understand the value in the console. Your argument proves it has some value in this one game alone. Perhaps if you looked at what the Wii U was actually offering, you may be able to eventually justify it. Certainly not for launch, but perhaps by the time Bayonetta 2 actually releases.

  • What irks me more than most (and you had a story on this yourselves), there was a quote from the head of Platinum saying they wanted the game to have as broad an audience as possible. If that was the case – they should have taken the EA route, and released it on everything – not on an unproven console with no built in fanbase.

    • Your response begs the question – have you actually read the article above. You have seemingly missed the singular most important point.

  • i was expected to buy an xbox to play Gears of War 2+ after playing the first game on the PC. NO F**KING sympathy. Someone get the violins.

  • I was angry at first until I did hear the whole story. Now i’m just angry at Sega. I don’t know why they seem to like throwing away franchises with great potential, just like they did with Valkyria Chronicles. Don’t even want to get into how bad Sonic has become.

  • “Yes, this is not the worst we’ve seen, theoretically. Final Fantasy jumped to PlayStation with Final Fantasy VII, a landmark title both in that series and in video game history, and for what it did in that console’s rivalry with the Nintendo 64.”

    It should be noted that this was due to the inability of the N64 cartridge to hold the pre-rendered FMVs Square wanted to use – the PS1, with its CD drive, was more technologically advanced in the area Square and their artistic vision needed. From what we know, nothing about the WiiU is central to Bayonetta 2 and what Platinum wanted to do with it – this is purely a money thing.

    What I’m curious of is, why haven’t Platinum announced a Bayonetta port for WiiU? I would think Nintendo would want both games on their console now.

    • They have it on the disc with Bayonetta 2, like Bioshock Infinite is including the first Bioshock for the PS3. That is, assuming they won’t use more than 20 or so GB for the game.

      • Really was Bayonetta 1 only 5 GB?
        I would guess though they could do it in less space as it would use most of the same engine and some sprites, so the overlap would cut down on that amount.

  • I find it rather pathetic (actually pathetic doesn’t even do the term justice) that the guy in that linked blog thinks parents wouldn’t know that a game has sexualised themes when a Ratings tab clearly states when something like this is present in a video game

  • “But these are the people who did buy the game… …And the reward for their loyalty is”

    Stop it. This is not kickstarter. This is not one of those indie bundles where you say “I’m buying it to support the developer” as it isn’t in most game sales and I’d argue that it should mostly never be.

    They bought Bayonetta. That’s what they paid for, they haven’t spent any money on the sequel at all and don’t deserve to have it on whatever platform they ask. Of course we can criticise Platinum for the ‘missed opportunity’ of repeat sales from these fans, but at the end of the day it is the developer’s decision and we’re not ignorant to the reason for their choice, so put up with it.

  • The alternative is no game at all, so nice one making the devs look like the bad guys for trying their best to get a sequel made. By that logic, the fans betrayed them by not buying enough copies of the game to convince Sega to publish a sequel. There is literally no one at fault for the game becoming exclusive on a new console. It’s just how the situation panned out. No need for anyone to feel cheated or angry. You missed your chance to feel that way when Sega passed on the sequel.

  • The game was never going to see the light of day so no one was going to play it. Now that Nintendo has stepped in the opportunity is there and that has to be better than having no opportunity at all.

  • I feel more compelled than ever to buy Bayonetta 2, I want it to have good sales so I can rub it in the faces of all these so called “fans” and complainers.

    • Here here.

      Either way, as far as Nintendo and Platinum are concerned, the old adage applies, “Any Publicity is good Publicity.”

  • Just buy the friggin console whiney babies. It’s not expensive and you’ll likely find more games you want on it down the track, plus for the next 1-2 years it will likely have the best ports.

  • I’m surprised no-one has mentioned Resident Evil becoming exclusive to the Gamecube after it had built up it’s fandom on the PSX. That brought us the REmakes, Resident Evil 0, and the game changing Resident Evil 4. Sure it went multi-platform the minute the contract expired, but still… it warrents a mention.

  • Wait until I get a Wii U and a copy of Bayonetta 2 and microwave them in front of sick kids. Watch the fury of the whiney self entitled babies. SHRIEK!!! HORROR. THE HUMANITY.

  • So rip off Nintendo for fronting the budget to make Bayonetta 2 possible in the first place?!

    And too all the whinges – try being an Shenmue fan…

  • I find it kind of ridiculous the amount of hate being throw at the Dev for their decision. Being a Dev they’re unlikely to be able to self publish and as their old Publisher (Sega) wasn’t interested in supporting a sequel they had to find everyone else.

    Now Nintendo may have just gotten in first or maybe they were really the only game in town, but regardless no matter what Publisher you go with there will be strings attached.

    In this case it’s being console exclusive and really as a goal for not only a publisher, but a console manufacturer it makes sense (since it could help move more units), could any of you imagine a Nintendo published title on the PS or X-Box, while Nintendo still remains their competition?

    Somehow I don’t see it happening. And for those saying that Nintendo isn’t being altruistic, of course they aren’t, but then again no publisher is, at the end of the day it’s all about the money in one way or another.

    In the end, even if it doesn’t make as much money as hoped it could still be a boon for Nintendo, a way to help escape the “Kidde” image that it’s recently had and a return to the diversity of titles not seen since the SNES days.

  • this article is stupid and pointless. Sega didnt want to publish the game, im just happy someone was willing to. i love the first game.

  • I think the hate from people is stupid. And the people hating are stupid. Literally stupid and incapable of a logical and coherent thought. Why do these so-called gamers hate Nintendo? Because it doesn’t have their so-called ‘hardcore’ games. Games that make it a system seller. They want to (so they say) have games that make the system a worthwhile purchase. Yet, if these are people who already are likely not to purchase a console because of a lack of the same games you find on PS3 and 360 are they not likely to pick it up just as easily because those games ARE available on their systems? And if they find it entirely possible to not worry about purchasing first-party Nintendo published titles in this generation, is it really going to be the thing that pushes them over in the next? No, they’re liars. Liars to themselves and everyone else.

    Their problems aren’t with Nintendo. It’s with their greedy and jealous selves. If you don’t think the game is worth the system (which is an investment, and given the title, indicating it will be a strong one), then you don’t like the game enough and you are complaining for no reason. You can live without it. If you do think it is, then you have the game, a new system, and a future investment in a plethora of games created by Nintendo that you will be able to enjoy, with the addition of many other 3rd party titles.

    Grow up.

  • Far out, so many whining douche bags – if you REALLY want to play Bayonetta – spend the money and buy a Wii U – what is $350 these days?

    Is $350 worth it to you to experience the joys of playing a sequel to a much loved game of yours?

    If yes, then STFU and buy a Wii U.

    If no, then STFU because Bayonetta 1 must have been a shit game to begin with!

  • Boo-fscking-hoo!

    I’ll give you the response 99% of people get when they complain about a game “suddenly” swapping consoles and exclusivity: “You want the game buy the console!”

    Sorry but I’ve heard the same kind of QQ for every exclusive under the sun under every console. And all of a sudden mass bitching about exclusivity is “acceptable” because its a Ninty console?

    • Correct.

      We essentially have 2 options:

      1. Nintendo backs this, and we get a Bayonetta 2

      2. Ninty doesn’t, and we don’t.

      • +

        Don’t people always complain about the fact Ninty usually only has 1st party exclusives? They try to branch out and they get reamed for it? Absurd.

  • I understand the anger, but wasn’t it reported that this game wouldn’t even exist without Nintendo?

    In which case, whiners should just continue under the assumption it doesn’t exist.

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