All Of Japan's Big Wii U Launch Details, Right Here

Tonight, for the first time, Nintendo will be divulging concrete information on its upcoming Wii U console for the Japanese market. Release dates, prices, specs, the works.

While much of it will be of direct relevance only for the Japanese market, we should be able to divulge hints as to Western availability and pricing from the information, ahead of more official announcements due in the morning.

Join us for live coverage of the news.

This post will be updated as news comes to hand.

2GB MEMORY - The Wii U will have 2GB of memory. 1GB for games, 1GB for system memory.

25GB DISCS - Wii U game discs will have a 25GB capacity.


    2 GB ? It better be easy to plug a hard drive in. If it is them im super happy. My only fear is that it might format the drive like the wii did for dragons quest 10. I would rather not buy another hard drive.

      It's already been announced that it will support external usb storage. Great news IMO, so
      unds like a cost saving ploy.

      I think that's memory not storage

      I think they mean 2GB of ram, not storage.

        beaten to it, by 2 whole minuets...

      That's 2GB RAM. The system comes in 2 SKUs - An 8GB model and a 32GB model.

    25GB game disks...that's Blu-ray storage isn't it?

      it may be the same size as blu-ray, but I think they said it wasn't blu-ray?

        It's not blu-ray no, because Sony owns blu-ray. It would be a proprietary disc like the Wii and Xbox 360 currently use, just with higher capacity.

          The Wii U uses blu-ray. Also SONY dosn't own blu-ray, they merely own a large share of it and were one of the major companies that developed blu-ray. If that was enough to block a rival company from using the technology then SONY would of done so a long time ago.

    I'm calling it:..... 599 US DOllars.... 5-5-5-5-599 US dollars

    Well on the livestream it said 8th of December in Japan, and two version one for $450US for a 32GB storage one and $330 for a 8Gb storage version. Well that's what I got from it Japanese is non existent

    Remember, the 2gb memory is RAM, not storage space. It's a huge step up over the 360 and ps3.

      And it only took 7 years to double the current gen consoles (as it says, only 1gb is usable for games) with the next gen will probably quadruple the WiiU.

      I know the architecture is different.. but it seems like 2GB of RAM stopped being relevant in gaming PCs years ago!

        Tech specs stopped being relevant to Nintendo years ago.

    Holy ficking shot. 2gb ram. $450us. Kirby cream!!!

    So I'm guessing that Kotaku forgot to update this article....

    Why the hell does the system need 1gb of memory? What the hell is it going to do with it?

      My guess is the tablet might be taking some of that memory up, as the console is streaming directly to it.

        Very good point. Speculation says the resolution is around 854 x 480, let's assume 4 bytes per pixel. That's just under 1.6mb of memory. Then you'll need more memory to compress that on the fly, surely this wouldn't accomodate for more than 5mb? 1019mb to go...

      AFAIK it'll save the state of the OS while you're playing a game so you can easily switch between them and browse the internet/the nintendo world thingo and that. It's still not going to use 1gb RAM but it's better to have it there than have things getting laggy.

      My wild guess is that it'll be used to temporarily store game data so it can be accessed quickly.

      Crazy thought, I know.

      The more data that can be stored the quicker it can be accessed. You really think the next Playstation and Xbox will launch with anything less than that?

    You can buy 2GB ram for around 10 dollars aussie retail(if you can find one), if that, and Ninty are buying bulk so even less for them. Considering I have 16 GB in my PC which cost a combine 100 dollars, they could of at least 4GB for around <15 dollars, which would of made a big difference really. 4GB is the standard on PC's at the moment but 8GB standard is coming in the next year.

      Consoles don't need huge amounts of RAM. Trust me 1GB for games is huge.

        For now and perhaps the near future it is, but we have to remember this is the hardware that's going to be locked in for at least 5 years.

        Their hardware choice has already excluded them from a number of 'next gen' (hate that word) features, especially if they want to bring on board more ports/releases from their competitors.

        Same goes with the Xbox and Playstation announcements next year, remember whatever it comes equipped with, its going to have to last a long time and sets the max bar for all development for years.

          I really don't see the next Xbox or Playstation bringing more than 2GB of RAM. Considering their current consoles use 512mb. 2GB is a solid upgrade.

          You also have to remember that a console is a dedicated piece of gaming software. It isn't bloated down by everyday tasks like having to run a OS plus the many behind the scenes processes. Don't get me wrong though, more memory the better as my current desktop PC has 8GB DDR3 2000MHz RAM, but such amounts are no where needed for at least the next few years for consoles.

          The largest bottleneck for consoles is RAM -- RAM is a huge problem for PS3/360 so merely doubling it doesn't bode well. I wouldn't be surprised to see Next-Box / PS4 with 4gb or even 6gb of RAM.

    Place your bets, I'm going with $399 AU

      For the cheapo version maybe, $120USD sounds horrible for an extra 24GB of storage space considering you can get a 32GB SD card for $30, that worse than Apple prices.

        Don'r forget there's also a Nintendo Network Premium subscription packed in.

    who needs blu ray when you can play movie files from your HD :)

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