All The Lara Croft You Can Possibly Handle

She's one of gaming's biggest action stars. She's iconic. She's Lara Croft. How many video game characters can say Angelina Jolie played them in a movie?

While gamers might argue over whether or not said Hollywood movies were any good, they cannot dispute her mark on popular culture — and more importantly, that's she's appeared in some really good games. No wonder she's a fan favourite.

Tomb Raider's developers used to roll out paid Lara Croft models. Forget those! Let's have a look at how some, not all, of her biggest fans brought the character to life.

Next spring, Crystal Dynamics will once again do just that with reboot of the series, Tomb Raider with a reborn Lara.

If you are interested in learning more about the character, check out her wikia.

Top photo: JennCroft/Lena-Lara/TanyaCroft







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    Some of them are better than the official models. Some of them not so much. But there is some real quality cosplay on work there. The model who is actually rock climbing is very impressive.

    Aaaaaaaand thats enough boobies for one Thursday morning.

    Some seriously awkward poses there!

    My penis liked this post.

    When you can't tell if it's from the game or not you know you've got a winner. My vote goes to Jessie-TR.

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