Amazing Cosplay Videos Played To The Music From Drive Make Me Grin

This DragonCon 2012 cosplay compliation video by beatdownboogie is absolutely fantastic. Besides the fun cuts, in-the-moment poses/character acting and perfect music, I really enjoy the hundreds of impressive cosplayers featured above. And they're all having so much fun.

You can catch some awkward, hilarious moments that make me feel like I was a part of the show. A really awesome watch.

DragonCon 2012 - Epic Cosplay [YouTube, thanks David!]


    That was pretty epic! So many good costumes in there

    Amazing, a real feel-good video . Excellent music choice.


    Just a few words to describe this vid...."AWESOME!!!!"
    Yes I know awesome is one word...but in this case it's worth two.

    That was so much better than all the posed photos that get posted up here.

    Standing ovation for those costumes. WOW

    That looks like the best anything ever and I want to go there.

    No really. I want to live in this magical world.

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