An Adventure Game That Should Have Been Called Milhouse: The Later Years

Anna's Quest is a new episodic adventure game series from indie developer Dane Krams, with a cute little art style

It gains added weight, though, when you see the poster/art for the game, and notice it features what looks like a 70 year-old Milhouse. Good to see he got over Lisa Simpson and moved on with his life, though whether getting mixed up with ghosts and walking teddy bears is a net gain is still up in the air.

You can download a demo (or buy the game) below.

Anna's Quest Vol. 1 — OUT NOW! [Kram's Design]


    Can't wait to get started. Awesome to get some U.S. coverage for Sughly too! Way to go, Luke!

    Haha, thanks so much Luke! Hope you guys enjoy it!

    I had no idea what Luke meant by "Milhouse: The Later Years" until I clicked through and saw the poster. Haha, it totally does look like it.

    Anyway, this game is great fun. Buy, buy, buy!

      I'm just going to accept that yes, Anna's Grandpa is Milhouse. If you can't beat them, then join them.

    Wow I just saw the time lapse (, I had no idea you had to draw every frame, old skool animation stye!

    Congrats on being featured man! Everyone who's a fan of point and click adventures should buy this game :D. I played the demo and it was a whole lot of fun, I already have the game but I'll be buying it again as soon as I get my first paycheck!

      yeah i knew you animated this like that but to see it happening.. DAMN! congrats again.

    Now that I'm home from work I better get myself a copy!

    when did kotaku get so many editors?

      Kotaku, Gizmodo and Lifehacker are trialling a beta layout where we'll have proper logins and profiles (and the ability to edit our posts). People who are using the new layout show up as editors to everyone else, for some reason.

    Just picked up a copy, can't wait!

    Ah Sughly, you've finished the game! I shall pick up a copy soon. Also congrats being featured as well!

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