An Iconic Baldur's Gate II Scene, Recreated In Glorious 3D

Remember that awesome scene near the beginning of Baldur's Gate II, when you're escaping that first (annoying) dungeon and Irenicus comes out, kidnaps one of your companions, and wreaks havoc everywhere?

Here it is in 3D, created in the Dragon Age map editor by YouTuber Dahlia Lynn. Cool stuff!

(via David Gaider)


    This is actually very well done

    Man I loved that game. Can't wait for the remake(s).

    Dammit, this made me watch the clips for the original BGII, specifically those with Irenicus. Makes me want to load it up and play again.

    The voice acting was just superb, you could really feel the rage or the unsettling calm Irenicus had when he spoke.

    Never got why Imoen suddenly became a mage in BG2, but then again I never played the expansion pack and also I was 10.

    Really looking forward to the remakes.

      I just assumed that many Baldur's Gate players duel classed Imoen to thief/mage if they used her and thus it would be consistent for them. Having said that, it probably doesn't go beyond the developers needing to make her such for the story they'd thought of.

        Mmm, even as a kid I was like hmmmm... Wasn't she a thief..? Why is she a mage, and why is it so crucial to the plot now..?

    Awesome video, except that Minsc and Jaheira don't look anywhere near bad-arse enough.

    That was unreal. Nice Job.

    Got to love the models for Minsc and Jaheira.

    Also, she was mage/theif Jake - she totally multiclassed.

      I was a kid! I probably just forgot :p

    I..... I ...... excuse me... I just need to clean myself up.

    Glorious codpiece is glorious

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