And On The Eighth Day, Borderlands Became Real

I've seen my fair share of Borderlands cosplay over the years. Some great, some awful, most somewhere in between.

I've never seen any this good, though.

German cosplayer MadameSpontaneous stars as Lilith, though her pals look just as good. Some of the pics are supplied by the cosplayers, others are from Trochly Photographers.

While getting the costumes right is most of the battle, the real triumph here is the cel-shading effect they're applied to not only their faces, but their clothes as well. Really helps sell the in-game effect!

MadameSpontaneous [DeviantArt, via TDW]


    Yeah those are pretty bad arse. Not long now for Borderlands 2 goodness.

    She scares me -- in a sexy as Hell kind of way.

    Very nice

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Yay! Nerf blasters!

    I'm going to miss killing lots and lots of things while listening to Lilith's insane laughter... can't wait for Borderlands 2!

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