Animal Crossing Only Makes Break-Ups Worse

If you've ever played an Animal Crossing game, you've surely done it at least once: name something, or somewhere, after a friend or loved one.

It seems a good fit, bringing the real world into your clockwork virtual one, but that door swings both ways. What seems cute or appropriate when things are going well with someone can sour your game if things go bad.

Take poor Julia here. She named a constellation after Aydin, which is about the most romantic thing a girl can do. But when they broke up, well, she had to do what had to be done.

Not that Celeste is making it any easier. She is in fact making things brutally difficult.

Animal Crossing [FGHTFFYRDOODLES, via Tiny Cartridge]


    Ouch. Good job Celeste

    Holy God tell me about it. I forced my ex into playing in my town, then after we broke up, the animals were constantly at me, "Where's Such-and-such?" "How come we never see Such-and-such anymore?" "I miss Such-and-such sooo much!"


      Yeup! Same here!
      But then I remember how nice it was actually deleting them :)
      And now I have a character called Mario wearing a big bro hat, moustache and shirt ^_^

    Sheesh. Deleting my Ex's Mii and Animal Crossing data felt pretty unpleasant... but at least I didn't have this asshole bird making want to go full-on-emo about it

    I had an online relationship in Animal Crossing for six months before we met IRL, that relationship I had a more protracted expiry. Needless to say I can't set foot in that village again! Still her ghost lives on... I had close to mastered Mario Kart Wii and was going for the Gold trophy in the shopping mall. I'd never usually have a problem but I kept smashing into the car driven by her Mii that reverses in and out of the parking lot. EVERY. SINGLE. LAP.

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