Another Mobile Game About Obama And Romney Hitting People

Hot on the heels of Chair’s Vote!!! comes another game that involves the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates laying the smack down, only in Vellum Interactive’s Political Arena your in-game purchases directly benefit the candidate you choose to play.

A recent Esquire poll Political Arena asked people who they thought would win in a fistfight, President Obama or Governor Mitt “Mittens” Romney. An overwhelming percentage felt the incumbent president would lay the good governor on his arse. Rather than leave the hypothetical safely in its realm, Vellum Interactive has crafted a boxing game in which the two contenders face off against a lineup of partisan contenders consisting of Joe Biden, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, the Ghost of FDR, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry and more.

Here are some of the features one can expect from Political Arena when it hits iOS and Android this Thursday.

* Tongue-in-cheek dialogue to accompany humorously drawn political figures.

* Over a dozen hilarious opponents you can take down in the Political Arena.

* Face paced and skill driven boxing action.

* Level up to unlock opponents and increase stats.

* Built-in store for purchasing power ups and custom boxing gloves.

* 10% of all In-App purchases will be donated by Vellum Interactive to the candidate’s victory fund of your choice. (You can opt-out if you prefer not to contribute).

* Photo Album stores key moments in each of your fights.

* Social media integration for sharing photos and accomplishments.

* Game centre integration with Leaderboards and Achievements to unlock.

* Complete Poll Data and statistics show which candidates are winning the fight for the Political Arena

* Humorous in-game newspaper lets you keep track of your stats and read the latest quirky headlines created by users like you!

* Post your headline suggestions at

It’s an interesting way to cash in on current events, isn’t it? Unfortunately the game doesn’t look half as entertaining as Chair’s version of a presidential smack down.

My suggestion? If you really want to support your presidential candidate’s victory fund, just send them money. I hear they like that.

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