Apple's New iPod Nano Interface Isn't So New

One of the most striking things about the new iPod Nano is its bubble interface. It's different from the rounded squares found on people's iPhones.

For many iPhone users, the interface will seem brand new. For gamers, it might not.

The bubble icon interface on the iPod Nano looks very similar to the bubble icon interface found on the PlayStation Vita.

That isn't to say Apple is copying Sony — although, I'd be curious to know how Sony has protected its intellectual property for the Vita's interface. What's more, Sony didn't necessarily invent the bubble interface (Nokia had previously experimented with it, so maybe Apple cribbed from Nokia?)

However, there it was on a new Apple product. You really have to wonder if this bubble icon interface is going to become a thing, replacing those rounded squares of today's iPhone iOs, or if the nascent trend will pop, like so many bubbles before it.


    Scumbag apple. Sue others for copying and copy others for new products.

      Settle down princess.

      Those icons have been used by Apple since, oh, forever. It's the icon surrounds (the bubbles) that haven't been used.

      And they are nothing like Sony's icons.

      Mind you, both suck. They are both amazingly ugly.

    How long until Apple sues Sony and Nokia? (I wouldn't be surprised if it happened)

    first september 11, and now THIS- multiple portable device interfaces use a circular icon!

    will the world ever be the same again??

    The thing is.. when people find a good design, most likely it's been done before.. the irony here is that Apple never considers themselves to be the ones that is copying or being 2nd in the race.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Google the Samsung P2 and P3 media players.
    They are very old now (old enough to not be on the Samsung websites any more) but damn they look similar to the new ipod nano.....

      Holy crap you are right.

      It looks nothing alike... yeah it has icons... but so does everything?

    Sue Sue Sue!

    This is... Stupid. Wow, so the icons are circular. They MUST have copied the Vita, the bastards!
    Seriously, what kind of article is this...?

      the point is that apple sues over anything that vaguely resembles their products, yet doesnt't always have 100% original design choices of their own.

      This is the kind of article that uses apples exact logic. Apple has made a product physically almost identical to the P2 player, with a Vita style interface. Anyone who made an iphone-esque phone is currently having their asses sued. Stop being a blind sheep and start looking at facts.

      Hey, it worked for Apple when they sued Samsung for copying the look of their icons. Seriously, go look up the recent court battle...

    Sh*t.. swear I've used circles to encaptulate icons and symbols on old school projects... time to find them and burn them before pple finds out..

      *Apple.. feck, they're on to me, time to unplug my pc and wear an aluminium foil hat

    Anyone remember the palm pilot? It had round icons too! Nothing new here.

    if anything the vita coped the iOS interface and changed it a little bit to avoid being sued

      I highly doubt it's a copy of anything, but while we're playing the fantasy copy game.
      It looks more like something halfway between what Nintendo and IOS would do... defs not a copy though.

    Makes sense, the recent Apple vs. Samsung court case reveled that Steve Jobs took a lot of inspiration from Sony when designing the iPhone so it's not unreasonable to see them "take inspiration" from Sony once again.

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