Artist 'Disappointed' That Borderlands 2’s Manual Art Swipes From His Designs

If you've seen artist Olly Moss' work, then you've gone out and learned his name. Over the last few years, Moss has won a loyal following with his impressively designed homages to geekdom's sacred texts, as well cinematic classics. His posters for The Dark Knight Rises, Source Code, Moon and Rocky create visual puns and motifs that boil down what's great about those works into a singularly striking iconography.

He's done work based on video games, too, with prints based on Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. And Moss turned in striking cover art — maybe the best of 2011 — for Resistance 3 last year.

But a piece of art in the Borderlands 2 box — which looks a whole lot like Moss' signature silhouette style — isn't by him. And Moss is bummed out by it.


    It's great that Pitchford has acknowledg ed this, top credit to him for this. Also, Moss was pretty classy in how he's downplayed it. I can completely see his angle there. He should be a bit bummed, and if part of it is directly lifted from the ESB art, then that's copyright infringement, not homage. Good on Pitchford, good on Moss. It's not a non-story, it's a good story of acknowledgement and cooperation :)

      People being fake people.

    I really don’t want this to turn into a whole thing.

    I think he means take the article down.

    Really simple fix for this and everyone would be happy: commission Olly to do a poster people can buy.

      He probably offered that in the email. Borderlands 2 has DLC coming up, and GOTY would need a manual too...

    and now Olly Moss gets quite a bit more attention for his art than he had previously.

    It's more likely he fired the offending artist than hired the complaining one.

    Did Evan forget to close a tag or something?

    imitation the highest form of flattery

    Was the first thing I thought of when I saw that image. While no-one can patent a design like that (lol Apple), I think that sort of silhouette + foreground motif is pretty uniquely Olly Moss. I picked up a few of his prints when they were available and the shipping kills but they've always impressed guests.

    Randy Pitchford. The nicest guy in the gaming industry!

    Really curious which artist on the dev team was actually responsible for this little snafoo...

    Its not just utilising the same style or aesthetic, many street artists and designers produce similar looking work, and that's all cool. The problem here is A) explicit plagiarism which duplicates the elements (clouds etc) of Moss' design exactly and then B) the implicit aping of signature elements such as the single shining eye and basic construct. The designer at fault knew exactly what they were doing. This isn't an accident, or cryptomnesia. I can barely believe they thought they would get away with it.

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