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    You see a competition on Kotaku, best X entries win a free copy of a newly released game, that would otherwise cost you $15 on Steam.

    What is the minimum value of X needed for you to consider entering (assuming you need to write a 25 word sentence or something similar)?

      If the prize is something I want, I will enter regardless of how many instances of said prize are available. If the prize is something I do not want, I will enter only if the entry criteria amuses me. For instance I inadvertently won a copy of Dust: An Elysian Tail on XBLA after I had already bought it during the Winter Sale - simply because I thought I had an amusing entry for their twitter competition.

      Prize often is not the drive. I am just happy to come up with something that entertained and got a laugh.

    Kotaku AU planning to replace Tracey eventually? (Just wondering. You're doing an awesome job by yourself anyway, for what it's worth.)

      Was going to ask the same thing

      Like an old game console no longer in production Tracey's irreplaceable.

        Goes without saying, but might be useful, especially if Mark's got to write his features in his spare time.

      Ok.. time to officially announce it.
      I am officially replacing Tracey at Kotaku.

      I will not be writing any articles, but i will be hanging around the office in women's clothing.

        so just like you did before, but its 'official' now?

          If by 'official' you mean i haven't been slapped with a restraining order yet, then yes! :D

    On a similar note to the above question, what type of prize do you think generates more interest in a game: Giving away free copies, or letting the winner have some contribution/mention in the final game (they get to name a character, or something similar)?

      I think most people are happier receiving free stuff than being interested in contributing. There are notable exceptions, I'm sure, but you want to interest the majority? Free stuff.

    How are you going to cope until next season of Breaking Bad?


      So very poorly.

      Very easily. I'm still only half way through season 3.

        season one fourth episode in and enjoying it very much

      Take this into account...

      This is the last time you ever get to wait for a season. Ever. You will never get to wait for a breaking bad season again... never be able to debate the meaning of a finale... a foreshadowing... a plotpoint...


      It's not fair...

      badly is a horrible, horrible understatement though I thought the last episode of the season was very rushed. It just disjointed the whole pacing of the show a little. Though I am sure this is for a reason seeing as its not really a season end.

    What boards games does everyone play?

    I had a board game night with some of the people from TAY (and am having another one on Sunday) where we played Munchkin and Ticket to Ride.

    So much insanity. So much fun.

      It's been ages since I've played a board game. I guess Monopoly, Guess Who and Trivial Pursuit would be the main ones I play whenever board games are played.

      Jonesing already. Are there any other tv drugs coming out between then to keep me going. New Madmen?

        Mad Men's still a whiles off. Boardwalk Empire is back next week, I think? Quality stuff.

        Sons of Anarchy comes back on the 11th. \o/

      With my game-savvy friends: Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Puerto Rico, Power Grid.
      Then there's one of my personal favourites, Yomi.

      With my less-savvy family: Articulate and Bluff

      Munchkin is fun, but the inability to be competitive grows stale very quickly.
      Ticket to Ride is fantastic, especially since its barrier to entry is so low even 8 year olds can play it properly.

      I waxed lyrical at you about Carcassonne the other week.

      We like Castle Ravenloft and Catan, Also Dungeons and Dragons.

      Game of thrones board game is amazing but you maylose friends playing it. battlestar gallactica and the lord of the rings are heaps of fun. also smallworld

    God damn it I suck at this reply to the right thread thing. Also I got through university on so much scrabble with my grandmother who I lived with. Have played probably 5 games since.

    I think Kotaku should expand to include some table-top games... thoughts?

      Replace "I think Kotaku should" with "I think it would be neat if kotaku would...."

      I think they somewhat do already.
      Unfortunately, there just isn't that much news about D&D or GURPS or Champions or what-have-you.

    I'd not sure if I should grab these recently released solid games (the ones out during our winter - there are quite a few) or wait until they are cheaper/ignore them and wait for the 'blockbusters' coming out later in the year.

    If I were to only choose one already out, what should I get? I'll play anything.

      Spec Ops has an incredibly good, unsettling story. Solid gameplay too. Will stay with you long after you finish. Sleeping Dogs is just damn fun, insanely cool martial arts fighting and an interesting open world.

        I like future soilder, sure the story was a bit over the place, but the action and game mechanics were solid. It is especially good with 3 other friends on-line,. You can go rambo and shoot every living thing, or sneak through entire levels without shooting your gun and stealth killing. Only bad thing, no matchmaking, i mean WTF is up with that. Their gurealla (poor spelling) is solid with team mates as well,. Lag on MP is diabolical.

    When considering the subject of bratty kids on advanced, futuristic exploration/military vessels, who was more annoying; Wesley Crusher, or the floppy haired guy off Seaquest DSV who played with the dolphin? Factors to consider: Wesley ended up being an intergalactic dimension shifting traveller, the other dude talked to a dolphin and eventually hung himself. Should their eventual outcomes have been reversed? There's your answer

        Why did you link to TV Tropes... I'll never be able to get out of there.

    Would you be willing to pay a higher price at a store if they have better customer service than a competing store with lower prices?

      Nah, I'd rather get the lower prices.

        This is the unfortunate truth. I'd like to be able to say that customer service would sway me, but alas not. Most times when I go shopping I've already done my own research browsing across stores and online, and the sales person presents nothing more than an obstacle to getting the price that I want.

      In my experience the dearer stores have to worse customer service, compounding the issue. Harvey Norman is the worst offender.

    Been travelling a bit for work lately and considering a vita for the flights/hotel nights. Any recommendations on games? currently the MGS HD collection is a main draw card.

    Hey Mark,

    Have you tried Pepsi Max Kick yet? This stuff is the bomb! Same amount of caffeine as a can of redbull/V but without all the other crap, just pepsi max :p

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