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    Is there any truth in the rumor that Fallout 4 will be set in Boston?

      I'd really like to see a Fallout game set in a country that's not America. London or Paris or something.

        That'll come right after a GTA that's set somewhere other than San Andreas or Liberty City. :P

        So would I, but not as part of the main numbered series. One of the defining things about Fallout is the 50's / Cold War american culture tropes in a sci-fi setting.

    There was a time when this section would get 4 or 5 pages of questions and discussion in an hour. What happened?

      Mark stopped answering the questions himself, then chaos ensued. :P

      He stopped asking for "burning questions", now he just says "There’s no such thing as a silly question!".
      I always wanted to ask why it burns when I pee, but now I can't :(

      I reckon it's because gaming has become less interesting; there are more products, but less we care deeply about. There's more marketing from the big guys, and so less news about them. D.C., above, is also right: less engagement from the staff means less incentive to post, but I think that's secondary to gaming news becoming a big blur of marketing, and all the important issues (pricing, censorship, ratings, developer/publisher relations, new business models) fading into the background noise after we all exhausted ourselves on them.

    Dear Kotaku

    I am a poor struggling artist of non-white descent. I am from a third world country so small that it has no name (it used to, but we sold the rights to it so lessen our national debt), our dollar is worth -1.18USD, we actually lose money by going to work.

    My greatest dream in life is to release an indie game on Steam. Unfortunately, the hateful fascists running the Greenlight service have decided to ask for $100.

    I am unable to work and earn money (due to my spending all my time developing my indie game), but even if I could, because I have no employable skills (such as say, programming, art or writing skills), I would not earn much anyway.

    Could you please contact Valve on my behalf and demand they repeal the $100 fee so that this poor, struggling, non-white lower-class artiste may achieve his/her life dream?

      My maths is a little fuzzy here, but I'm pretty sure that means Valve has to pay you $118 for you to list your game on Greenlight.

      That negative currency of yours could be rather useful.

      By your own admission, you have no programming, art, or writing skills. You are developing a videogame. Good luck.

    Epic Mickey 1!

    I'm actually getting quite into this game in anticipation of the sequel/3DS title - what's the go with the quests and collectables?

    I thought by collecting film reels I could watch old toons, is this not the case? I also happen to be using the paint more than the thinner, what will that end up meaning, if anything?

    Thanks in advance to any Epic Mickey fans.

    Why did some random guy call me this morning on my mobile to mock me for using the AR in Halo?


        He actually refered to my username on the Waypoint forums.

          damn thats kinda scary. I mean what a dick to bother calling someone... but that means your mobile and likely other data is available online. Wasnt there a hack of these forums or something, didnt impact me so took no notice, but ???? not good man.

            Yeah dude, I'm with Shady.

            Get to the bottom of that post-haste.

            If it were me I'd change my number and reset all my passwords and privacy details.

              You can change your number for free if the reason is harassment.

            I don't know. He could have easily googled my username and found my Facebook account. Which is set to private.

              Did you recently accept any friend requests from people you don't know in real life?

    It appears that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has NOT broken street date! What a surprise! As this country is notorious for breaking dates for AAA games, do you have any idea why it is not the case for TTT2?

      I assume it's because nobody cares anymore.

        Yeah Namco is flooding themselves out with too many different fighting games!

    When is the release date for Jet Set Radio HD, Nights HD and Sonic Adventure 2 HD (sorry for the HDs but they actually bothered to reconfigure for Widescreen HD :D )

    According to Game.minder(TM) app, Jet Set Radio HD is due out on 19 September, but that's the US date. Might be a couple of days later here.

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