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    Will the UK zombiU pack be announced in OZ?

    Best class to choose for Borderlands 2 solo? I'm sorta leaning towards Axton atm

      I'd say Axton, since his turret can heal and have a shield. Also, there's the option to throw grenades when downed, and if it's like Borderlands 1, you'll be down a lot.
      Or Salvador, who can regain health when gunzerking, and has the option to dual wield when down.
      Hope this is accurate

    Street date breaks are funny things. One of my mates received his Borderlands 2 loot chests last night. EB Games took the rest of his payment that he owed from his card last Thursday, the loot chest shipped on Friday, and he's still going strong after having an all-nighter with it today.

    Does this constitute a street date break? If one small slice of EB Games customers are able to get their items 2 days before the actual street date, does it discourage you from ordering instore when you could possibly get games before their release date if you order online?

      Not for me, sure potentially you can receive a game early but you can also potentially receive a game later than everyone else and I'm not a gambling man.

        Greenman Gaming sent out Borderlands 2 keys on Monday. I'm not sure if this is standard practice for their preorders though.

      Not really an answer, but on the subject:

      Has anyone bought a PC retail copy early, and tried to play it on Steam before the official release date? I reckon registering a retail copy from an Australian IP would classify the install as a preload.

        You can't play on PC from an Oz IP as it requires steam to validate.

        Housemate found this out the annoying way.

    Also, another question. I picked up Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance yesterday and after not playing a single KH game since KH2, I have to ask... WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!? AND WHY ARE THERE POKEMON!?

      Dude. DUDE! I KNOW.

      Don't even try to follow the story, just enjoy the awesome gameplay. Also, stick with it because it starts off rather slow. It picks up in the later worlds. Pokemon thing is annoying. I miss donald and goofy.
      I reviewed it here, if you care:

    If you were a Transformer, what vehicle would you be.
    I'd probably be a Chinook or a Hind D because helicopters are badass.

      I would be a commodore 64 and have disk based transformers launch out of my 1541 slit.

      Thunderbird 2.

    I can't find a comfortable headset. I find the cups don't over my ears, and my head is wide, which stretches the band, pushing the cups inwards. This pushes my ears into my glasses into my head, causing discomfort.
    Anyone know of a decent gaming headset made for larger heads?

      The Creative WOW headset has kept me chipper for over two years now. The only bad thing about it is the WOW insignias. If you can look past 'em, they're a great headset.

    Why am I not that excited for Halo 4 as I was for Reach? Is my fear of the game being nothing but BR sidestepping again really interrupting my hype for the game?

      Maybe Halo-fatigue is setting in?

        No, I'm fatigued by the MLG wannabe/competitive gamers whose only form of rebuttals is to scream loudly so that nobody can hear your opinion.

          Reminds me of EgoRaptors' Halo Reach release cartoon;

    Do you guys think this post should return to the 'Ask me stuff' post it was before?

    I might be wrong, but nowadays it seems that fewer people ask questions. I know Mark is a regular guy like all of us but I think the main draw before for people was having the possibility of the editor of the site answer their questions.
    People still answered each others questions when Mark was a bit late to reply and the more people viewing the post meant more people could answer each others questions.

    Just a thought. Thanks.

      I agree that it seems much more like a community discussion than one the editors will answer from a (hopefully), more informed position.
      I know it says stuff about the community being knowledgeable and able to answer stuff, but I too would prefer if it were more a conversation with the editors. Maybe if Mark can't handle it all himself he'll have to hassle his bosses to hire another Tracey. ;)

      I reckon it'd be even cooler if he had like a rolling roster of people from the games industry for a reddit style AMA. I think that would really set me on fire. Maybe not weekly, but fortnightly or monthly? Could have prominent Australian developers like Larsen or even people from the journalism side of things like getting Tracey back or Brendan Keogh etc. I'd ask heaps of stuff.


        Surely Mark has the connections to be able to a game developer (Australian or otherwise) answering questions once a month. I am assuming that there would be plenty of them happy to do it as it would raise their profile. The rest of time a Kotaku staff member could be answering questions.

        I thought the main point of this article was it could give readers an inside view of how the gaming industry works. Now it's an extension of TAY.

          I feel for Mark though, especially seeing the comments over recent times where this was a more active community thing when he was answering questions. The guy does a lot of stuff for us and I think it'd be almost impossible to deal with Ask Mark on a weekly basis - especially when sometimes you'd get the "OH WHY ARENT YOU ANSWERING OUR QUESTIONS MERK!!!!!!!!!!!!". Even if he did it once a month, it might give the "Ask" series a bit of a boost or return it to the former glory. It's definitely true that it has struggled in recent times. Just throwing ideas around!

          Then again, maybe we just aren't inquisitive enough? Haha.

            This is true, but goes back to an (as far as I saw) unanswered question a few weeks back. Will Tracey be replaced?

            I have no clue how well business is at Kotaku AU but surely it's enough to support more than just Mark doing everything.

    Would love for KotakuAU to become more game oriented, is starting to drift to far into commercialist territory. Same as alot of game related networks like Machinima and GameTrailers.

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