Assassins Creed 3's Foam Tomahawk Is Totally Harmless

Mercifully, I'm not talking about some bzarre pre-order DLC, which is available only at GameStop and bestows hero Connor with a foam weapon with which to annoy his enemies. I'm talking about a foam tomahawk you can buy, then run around pretending you're a deadly member of an ancient order of assassins.

It's officially licensed by Ubisoft, is 50cm long and is available from Jinx. For something made out of a soft, gentle material it sure looks dangerous, so apply caution if using in public.

Assassins Creed 3 Foam Tomahawk [Jinx, via OTL Gaming]


    Eh. I would rather just make a pair of real ones to hang on my wall :)

    If I'm not mistaken, you can actually order (or pre-order) these through EB Games.

    I was tempted to get one till I saw a detailed view of it. For a fake tomahawk, it looks quite crummy.

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