Aussie Nintendo Store: La-La-La-Mulana

If you haven't heard of this weeks big and only game then I'll forgive you, but you do want to know about it now. Well if you got the time.

La-Mulana is one of those deliberately classic styled games, 16-bit style in fact. It's also has the difficulty of one, although it has been toned down a bit since the PC version. The game plays like Metroid or Castlevania , the main character Lemeza Kosugi even has a whip. He also has a MSX, you remember them right?

La-Mulana has been in the works for WiiWare for years and it's a miracle that not only did it get released but also that we're getting it in Australia. It's likely to be one of the last great WiiWare titles.

So if you're not keen on La-Mulana then you've got some Final Fantasy DLC to check out and that's about it. Maybe next week then?


    What a boring video, I wanna see more action!

    That voice.... I hope it's just the tutorial lol.

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