Backhanded Box Quotes: Cursing Madden

Welcome back to "Backhanded Box Quotes" a collection of measured, thoughtful criticism from the user reviews of Metacritic, Amazon and elsewhere.

This week's Backhanded Box Quotes concern a game that needs no introduction: Madden NFL 13, which has somehow managed to sell a zillion copies the past eight years despite not having anything good said about it by the people who still buy it every year.

Madden NFL 13

Released: August 28

Critic: yayonaize (Metacritic) • "The no fun league has transcended into a video game form." Score: 0.

Critic: Hooky586 (Metacritic) • "There are several uniform mistakes throughout the game. For instance when have your seen the Bears wear orange pants?" Score: 0.

Critic: Skaterpunk444 (Metacritic) • "I literally spent 2 days of playing this game ONLY PUNTS/KICKOFFS AND BLOCKING FIELD GOALS... in till I decided to end my relationship with this game." Score: 0.

Critic: gridironjunky (Metacritic) • "This game itself deserves better than the zero I'm giving it. However not much" Score: 0.

Critic: Megan M. Sims (Amazon) • "the Madden 13 coaster is easily a 3 star rated item due to the hole in the middle and no anti-slip coating." Score: 1 star.

Critic: Brandon P. "Brandon" (Amazon) • "The kicking suck like butthole." Score: 1 star.


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