Battlefield 3 With The Lights Out Is Like An All-New Game

Despite early predictions that its fancy Frostbite engine would make it almost impossible for modders to mess too extensively with Battlefield 3, there's a mod that messes extensively with Battlefield 3. And with great results!

While seemingly only doing a single thing - turning off the sun and transforming the game's daytime maps into night maps - the results are extraordinary. The only real source of natural light now comes from explosions and gunfire, while scrambling troops and debris are silhouetted beautifully against dimly-lit plumes of smoke.

Battlefield 3 night time mod is a tense stab in the dark [PC Gamer]


    This looks atrocious. But begs the question why isn't their playable night time maps in battlefield 3? Seems simple enough to put in a moon, stars and change the lighting settings...

      Theres a night time city map. It was there on release.

        Tehran Highway if I'm not mistaken. Not overly dark though.

          Also the most horrendous map in the game (in TDM at least)

            TDM on my Battlefield? Conquest or rush all the way mate.

    This isn't night time. Night time is never bull of truly black shadow. In fact, nothing in the world is black unless it is entirely cut off from light (which is nigh on impossible with a sky, given global illumination and ambient lighting). This might be what the bottom of an enclosed cave looks like. All this does is make the game look less polished :(

    There is a true night map in Armored Kill - you can see the distinct lack of black shadows here:
    Lots of lovely

    Praise the sun!

    "a mod that messes extensively with Battlefield 3...only doing a single thing"


      It was written by Kotaku AU's favourite Author [/sarcasm]

    Did the modders break flashlights? Odd that a video showcasing a night time mod would not show how flashlights now work.

    needs more epic music, level of epic is not high enough

    Yeah, all this does is show off the bad smoke effects.

    How anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

    Reminds me of the ARMA 3 demo. Would like to see it with a little more lighting where its needed but it looks amazing. I would definitely pay for a night time expansion pack.

    The new armoured kill night-time map looks way better than this, a really cool looking moonlight and not just dark like Tehran highway.

    Having a map like this or the ability to change maps over to night with no moon for a light source would change tactics of squads greatly and it kind of reminds me of Battlefield 2: Special Forces where you had to use night vision and try to be quiet as possible.

    This is something that should be seriously considered by DICE for all their current and future maps.

      Ah, the special forces days how I have missed the zip line and grappling hook...

    Sorry to compare apples and oranges, I've been playing a fair bit of DayZ atm. At night this game is super scary, you have people with NZ and also zombies that can sniff you out at night and if there is no moon, the game is pitch black...

    only option is to turn your brightness and gamma up and you get a murky black and white game, but IMO it adds to the atmosphere.

    no reason why BF3 couldn't run a night map etc and give people the option of "finding" NV to run around. (besides my total lack of game programming knowledge)

    would definitely slow down the frantic pace that can happen in BF3 for sure.

      Most of the problems with this way of making a level nighttime is just the fact that when he's turned the sun off, he's also turned off every other light source in the level. What actually needs to be done is the sky need s stars and a dim moon, then let the actual lighting , from the lights on the walls and lampposts light everything up.

    This is something that has bothered me in FPS multiplayer games for a long time. For a game like battlefield in you make 10 maps. It's easy to turn that into 20 maps by adding a night time version. Most of today's game engines can do dynamic day/night transitions anyway. I would love to be able to pick a time of day on the server. Even better start the round just before sunset and battle into the night. Get on it devs.

    Looks like crap. Why is steam so bright without any light shining on it?

    It would seem they used smoke of the "glow in the dark" variety... :)
    Fixing the smoke would no doubt take a lot more hacking skill than just removing global lighting

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