Before It Became Star Fox Adventures, It Was Dinosaur Planet, And It Looked Like This...

Before it became Star Fox Adventures, Rare's Gamecube launch title was a new IP called Dinosaur Planet, and it was supposed to be released on the N64. After Miyamoto and Nintendo reviewed footage of the game, Shiggy mentioned the main character looked a lot like Fox McCloud, and the game was promptly reworked under using the Star Fox license, and released for the GameCube.

But this newly released video, posted on Neogaf, shows almost 20 minutes of footage from the unreleased game, which looked to be in a very finished state. Obviously the game shares a lot of similarities with Star Fox Adventures, but it's quite intriguing to get such an incredible look at a piece of as yet unseen video game history.

Thanks IOnEI Falcon!


    I believe Miyamoto even joked about the fact that Dinosaur Planet would suit the Star Fox world at an E3 didn't he? Nobody took much notice about the joke until the following year it was unveiled to be exactly that.

    I wish Rare had stayed good at games :(

    This would've been much more appreciated on the N64 I think.

    We need more dinosaur games, we need more dinosaurs in general.

    If only he hadn't said anything, Starfox might not have become what it it had.

    I actually really love SFA! Sure, its a crappy "Starfox" game, but an awesome game!

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