Beloved PC Indie Terraria Reborn On Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

Beloved PC Indie Terraria Reborn On Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3

PC gamers were saddened when the developers of the pixel-perfect 2D building, exploration and combat game Terraria announced an end to game updates. Well good news, sort of! Terraria is returning with brand-new content… to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

The announcement that appeared this morning on the game’s official Facebook page was met with mixed reactions from Terraria‘s mainly PC fan base. Some are excited that the game will reach a new audience, hopeful that this new console content will also make its way to PC.

Others are just being fussy.

Great news for a guy who can give 2 shits about consoles.. I think Re-Logic meant to say “Awesome news for us! We’re selling out!”

Me? I’m just glad to have more Terraria in any form Re-Logic deems to distribute it in.


  • Wouldn’t this mean more sales for a company that has clearly made some great products? Wouldn’t that in turn mean they would have greater scope to stay in business and keep making great products? Wouldn’t that be a win for anyone who also likes their products?? Why people complaining..?

  • To those who have a problem with this: Get the fuck over yourselves. More Terraria for everyone means good things for all!!!!!!!

  • Surely you can all see that its a bit disappointing for the PC crowd who’ve supported the company aren’t getting the additional content? I’m hardly going to flame out the company, but just this morning, I was thinking how disappointing it is that the Trine Directors cut will only be on the wiiU.

    • I can see the disappointment, but at the end of the day it’s business. There’s nothing stopping PC people from buying the necessary hardware and software to play the console version. And if they can’t/won’t, they just have deal with what they already have – an existing copy of the game that still works, and a machine that lets them play many other games instead.

      • To me this has nothing to do with PC vs Console, it would be just as (mildly) annoying if it was the other way around. It’s Terrarria, I really don’t see any stumbling blocks to releasing content to all versions. And the players will even pay for it as PC DLC, no problems at all.

        • You’re right, the PC players would probably (though not universally) be willing to pay for the DLC.

          So maybe it comes down to manpower and development priorities. Is it easy to just port the stuff over? They may have redesigned the engine during the console port such that porting the extras back to PC too demanding. Even if it’s “easy”, do they consider that they’ll get return on investment for the time to do that work?

          Or maybe it’s blocked for a certain time due to contracts they made with XBLA and PSN?

          I guess what I’m trying to say is that while it seems fair and straightforward to US that they should release the extra content on PC, we are not privy to the internal situations that dictate their actions.

          • No doubt.

            But for Redigit to make a big hullabaloo about there being no more Terraria development for personal reasons and so he can work on its successor and then hear that there’s new content coming on other platforms is enough to rile people up a little.

            Granted this could have been in the works for a long time, so it’s not necessarily ‘new’ work that’s been done since they stopped PC development. It’d be nice to hear details from the horse’s mouth.

      • As I said, not going to flame out the company for it. They haven’t done anything wrong. By the same token, looking after the pre-existing fan base is what makes people so loyal to CDProjekt and Valve.

    • Didn’t an article a while bad say they were done with developing content for Terraria?

      This is just a slap in the face for PC users.

  • This is probably just an indication that red sold on his IP to anouther studio for porting then anything else. Probably means we wont see the content come back to PC.

    • trying to grapple your way back up a shaft using a controller would be way to painful, mouse makes this easy.

      As upsetting as it is that the devs aren’t releasing extra content for the PC, im all for releasing terraria on multiplatforms.
      The game is great, everyone should get to play it.

  • I can understand how Minecraft could be played on a console, but considering how tiny the blocks are in Terraria, this is going to be one hell of a chore to build anything.

    • I’m with DNR – i honestly cant see how this can be played with a gamepad. The mouse was imperative for furious movements and boss fights, fark trying to leap from singular blocks using grapples whilst shooting and battling, and laughing because its all so ridiculous.

      Def one of my favourite games of the last few years, played it WAAAY to much – glad the consolers get a shot at it, although am interested to see how they pull it off…

  • I never got a chance to play Terraria, as I use a Mac. I’m very glad to be able to experience this on consoles!

  • While the game is great, and you should definitely buy it, I am greatly disappointed that they didn’t release any new content. In my opinion their game didn’t exactly feel quite finished yet. I’m actually pretty bummed we don’t get any new content. It does feel a little abandoning. Sure business is business I completely get that but still, a message to PC supporters or some concern isn’t too much to ask is it?

  • Game development is a business.
    If they felt “selling out” was the way their business would survive- then so be it.
    There is developing IP long into the future, and then there is selling it to someone else who might do it in exchange for quick capital.
    I say all the power to them, and keep in mind if they did ‘offload’ it, and its a hit- the company they sold it will reap all the benefit.
    That is what they gambled when they sold it.
    In a way, I hope its really successful on console, it might give others pause when in the same situation.

  • People need to grow up a little – so they want to make some extra money – good on them – why should things be exclusive to one platform or another. Everytime I’ve seen this game in action (mostly on Good Game which was obsessed with it at one point) it looked to me like a platformer and for me platformers = control pad, so here’s to me trying out a game I otherwise would have ignored.

  • If the new content never makes it to PC, that’s really the only thing people deserve to be angry about… I mean if they turn their back on the, IMO, extremely dedicated fans on PC by not giving us the new content also, then yes get mad. But if they’re just stretching out to new audiences…well that’s just good for everyone.

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