Black Mesa Mod Out In Two Weeks

Infamous Half-Life remake Black Mesa will be playable and ready for public download for the first time on September 14, a note on the projects forums states.

While the mod isn't quite finished, the team has decided to share what's been done thus far.


    I'll believe it when it happens. God knows given the history of this mod's development.

      Yeah, I've been following this for the last couple of years, so I'm not holding my breath. Still, it does look pretty awesome.

    I thought that got abandoned. Can't wait to blow up that tentacle thing again.

    I like to imagine it will be out as a mod for HL3. haha

    Ok because this article is pretty sparse on the details, here's the official site with the countdown:

      I bet its a countdown till their next hiatus.

    Anyone know if the mod will work with the mac version of Orange Box?

    (ducks in anticipation of flying excrement).


      Black Mesa is using Source SDK 2007 which uses DirectX. I think they said that they would port it over, but not until (if ever) Valve release an SDK for Mac.

    If this does in fact happen, I will have a hat to eat.

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