Black Mesa Scientists Have A Meta-Conversation About Black Mesa: Source

Black Mesa: Source, the long-in-development mod/remake of the original Half-Life, is now available to play. For free.

I'm really liking it. Much more than I was expecting to, in fact. It plays like a loving, alt-universe version of Half-Life, which is the best possible approach they could've taken. Rather than attempting to pull off a note-for-note remake, Carlos Montero and his crew of volunteers have made something that works much better: A true tribute, crafted with love.

The opening tram-ride is good stuff, but it's what came immediately after it that clued me in to what Black Mesa was all about. Some cheeky banter (I particularly liked the second security guard's dig at Gordon's hair) immediately demonstrates that this isn't your father's (or well, older brother's) Black Mesa.

The conversation above, overheard between three Black Mesa scientists (including a woman!) sealed it for me. It is, of course, a meta-conversation about Black Mesa: Source itself. Lovely.

If you want to watch the whole opening sequence, I recorded myself walking through for the first time:

What are you waiting for? Go download it!


    I highly recommend this, I have almost finished the game and it is an absolute pleasure to play through the original Half-Life again. Not a bad way to get the current generations into the Half-life saga either...

      +1 Started playing last night and couldn't get enough. It's great to have all the familiarity of the original but being long enough since its release that its not a mindless walk through. The original Halflife was one of the greatest FPS titles ever made Black Mesa does it justice

    That tune when you get in your suit should have been short and sweet. Not as long and as loud as it was.

      I agree.. it was way too loud and way too long. Would have been fine to start that loud.. but then gradually got more subdued.

        Could have easily been the Valve logo guitar tune.

    Love the convo between the scientists "Im sick of feeling like i walk back and forth pushing buttons and pulling levers, im going to take this up with someone, maybe take some time off" "ok you do that, but first press that button over there" lol

    I have only played a short part of this.. a couple of hours or so.. and really enjoying the extra amount of challenge added to some of the old puzzles. Some of the puzzles are the same but when they've been able to add a little bit extra to them without ruining the overall experience, they have added something.. it's really great. The new graphics, music overhaul and general game mechanics etc are a perfect facelift for this cult classic.

    Definitely makes me want to play HL2 a little bit more, after I finish Black Mesa a bit more.. after I play Borderlands 2.. :) lol

    I'm loving this mod. I'm not a fan of some of the self-referencing, fourth-wall -breaking humour, but that's just a personal preference. No biggie at all, and otherwise it's incredible. I couldn't have asked for more.

    My biggest issue is that it feels like im always skating on ice, gorden slides, and having to crouch jump the smallest items seems a bit off, i dont remember it being that annoying in the original.

    I absolutely love it. They've changed stuff slightly, but it all makes sense, and maintains the feel and layout of the original. It all looks like it actually would in real life.
    Although it does make me realise how boring the combat was in the original. And having to micro manage health is annoying. Also, the voice work is amazing. So well done for a mod team.

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